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Surf Air Recommends: explore more with Scheduled flights

Surf Air Recommends Unlock hidden gems that are a drive away from the regional airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Lake Tahoe. From laughter-filled nights at The …

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Surf Air Recommends: international summer destinations

Surf Air Recommends Unlock summer experiences as we invite you to venture beyond the ordinary and explore international destinations that will ignite your wanderlust. Discover captivating cities off the beaten …

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Surf Air Recommends: Los Angeles

Surf Air Recommends Discover the hidden gems of Los Angeles as you explore culinary delights from around the world, serene reservoirs that offer a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle …

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Surf Air Recommends: San Francisco

Surf Air Recommends Discover the hidden gems of San Francisco, from the authentic Mediterranean flavors of Kokkari to the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge at Marin Headlands, waterfront …

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Surf Air Recommends: Santa Barbara

Surf Air Recommends Discover the enchanting allure of Santa Barbara with these 5 must-visit destinations: unwind on the pristine shores of Butterfly Beach, marvel at the exquisite botanical wonders of …

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The most visited places in the U.S.

Surf Air Recommends Check out our recommended alternative airports and some suggestions for things to do while visiting the most popular destinations in the U.S. Surf Air helps you get …

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Earth Day special: Surf Air Recommended National Parks

Surf Air Recommends This Earth Day, we’re hoping you can get outdoors. For a little inspiration, let’s celebrate some of our planet’s most amazing places: our national parks. With Surf …

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Going remote

Surf Air Recommends ‘Hard to get to’ isn’t a phrase we like to say at Surf Air. On Demand charter opens your access to any public-use airport across the U.S. …

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The air travel industry’s move toward sustainability

The metaphor of turning around a cruise ship or aircraft carrier—the impossibility of quickly redirecting a vehicle with so much inertia as a stand-in for bureaucratic or systemic barriers—is well-understood, …

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Surf Air Earth Day 2022

Earth Day has always been a moment to celebrate our home and focus our collective attention on averting an alarming future. Today, more than ever, as ever developing new climate …

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