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Surf Air Has Acquired Blackbird

It’s the start of an exciting new era at Surf Air. We’re proud to announce that Surf Air has acquired BlackBird, the fastest-growing aviation marketplace in California that has completely disrupted …

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Meet Surf Air: Our Ground Team

We’re so appreciative of our team that works so well in making the Surf Air the time-saving, hassle-free and exceptional experience that it is today. Come back every Thursday for …

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Take a Personal Day. You Deserve It.

Modern technology has, for better and worse, blurred the lines between on and off time. We can now easily work from anywhere (better), but we’re also accessible 24/7 (worse). We …

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Possibilities Series: The Canine Chapter

Happy National Dog Day from a few of our Surf Air Pup Members, to you!

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Meet the Surf Air Pilatus

Our mission of creating a seamless air travel solution relies heavily on the planes we fly. We had to get the best of the best, aiming for safety, world-renowned engineering, …

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How Hospitality Went Missing in Air Travel, and How We Brought it Back

If you’ve ever missed a flight, lost luggage, or needed a bag of peanuts, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of an un-sympathetic airline employee. They deal with hundreds, …

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The 2-Hour Plan

With no security lines or commercial airports to maneuver, Surf Air will save an estimated 2 hours of travel time with every flight. Since our private airports are both hassle …

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Possibilities Series: Lynn Koegel

For Lynn Koegel, Santa Barbara is home. She grew up there, raised her kids there, and spent 30 years establishing the Koegel Autism Center with her husband, Robert Koegel (also …

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Commercial vs. Surf Air

I Flew Commercial and Then I Flew Surf Air. Here’s what happened. FLYING COMMERCIAL: ARRIVING AT THE AIRPORT LAX → SFO ARRIVE AT LAX – 11:45AM FLIGHT DEPARTS AT 1:45PM Like most people who …

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7 Transformative California Airbnbs for Your Next Escape

With our new Escapes Membership, there’s really no reason to stay put for the weekend. And even if Surf Air’s quick and easy flights to places like Palm Springs, Santa …

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