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Wine regions you may have never heard of

Surf Air Recommends Our On Demand charters make it easy to explore places you’ve never considered before. While we know our clients travel frequently to the more famous wine destinations …

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Surf Air Recommends: Underrated Winter Destinations

Escape to a place beyond the typical winter destinations and set the stage for the perfect escape. In this list of underrated winter retreats, discover havens without the crowds. Get …

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Surf Air Recommends: Regional flights

Surf Air Recommends We consider regional flights to be sub-500 miles, the perfect remedy for those seeking adventure without the hassle of lengthy travel. Whether you’re yearning for a spontaneous …

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Surf Air Recommends: avoid the most crowded airports in the U.S

Surf Air Recommends Did you know that 70% of all commercial air travel only uses 30 airports? This results in heavy traffic, congested terminals, and long lines. Regional airports, on …

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Surf Air Recommends: Skip the drive

Surf Air Recommends By connecting regional airports with seamless air travel, you can turn long drives into short flights. Flying from smaller airports can save hours compared to driving or …

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Surf Air Recommends: explore regional winter destinations

Surf Air Recommends Winter season has everyone running to the slopes. Surf Air wants to help you get you there faster, saving you time by flying directly between the closest …

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Discover hidden gems just a short drive away from our Scheduled Flight routes

Surf Air Recommends Whether you’re a city dweller seeking a quick escape or a traveler in search of local gems, our California cities have a lot to see and explore. …

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Best end-of-summer destinations

Surf Air Recommends September is a great time to escape with fewer crowds and better weather. We’ve compiled a list of some great last minute getaways.   Jackson Hole, Wyoming This …

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Surf Air Recommends: explore more with Scheduled flights

Surf Air Recommends Unlock hidden gems that are a drive away from the regional airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Lake Tahoe. From laughter-filled nights at The …

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Surf Air Recommends: international summer destinations

Surf Air Recommends Unlock summer experiences as we invite you to venture beyond the ordinary and explore international destinations that will ignite your wanderlust. Discover captivating cities off the beaten …

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