Surf Air Recommends: Skip the drive

Surf Air Recommends

By connecting regional airports with seamless air travel, you can turn long drives into short flights. Flying from smaller airports can save hours compared to driving or traveling through large, crowded commercial airports. Spend more time enjoying your vacation, not getting there.



Los Angeles to Palm Springs

You could spend upwards of 2 hours fighting LA traffic to get to Palm Springs or leave out of a convenient airport like Hawthorne Municipal Airport and spend 30 minutes on a plane.

San Francisco to Lake Tahoe

Driving from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe can take about 4 hours. Save time and fly from San Carlos Airport to Truckee Tahoe Airport in about 1 hour.

Denver to Telluride

The 6-hour Denver to Telluride drive makes it so you spend most of your weekend behind the wheel. Try instead to fly from to Telluride Regional Airport in just about an hour.