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One platform. Over 10 million flight options.

Choice and flexibility are the hallmarks of our air travel service, with both On Demand aircraft and scheduled flights connecting over 10 million routes across all U.S. airports—10x more than commercial carriers.

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How it works

Book closer to home

  • There are over 5,000 public airports outside of the commercial ecosystem, many of them more convenient to big cities and popular destinations. Surf Air flies exclusively from these smaller, regional locations with no lines, crowds, or loudspeakers. Find your closest airport.

Choose how to fly

  • Reserve a seat on daily scheduled shared-private flights across the West Coast, Texas, and the South with just a few clicks, or book a charter as easily as hailing a rideshare. With thousands of aircraft available to connect millions of potential routes, you’ll find exactly what works best for you. Explore the options.

Flexible memberships

  • There’s a membership option for every type of flyer. From frequent travelers that need flexibility and unlimited options, to leisure weekenders that need a private aircraft for their group, Surf Air Memberships make it easy.

Accelerating the path to zero emission flying

The air travel industry must do its part to address the climate crisis. Our consumer service and aviation technology bring together the necessary pieces to accelerate the next great shift in air travel: electrified flight.

CO₂ reduction with hybrid electric aircraft

Direct operating cost reduction with hybrid electric aircraft

Aircraft able to be electrified today, worldwide

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Are you an operator?

Surf Air helps FAA-certified part 135 operators fly new customers, save cost, and optimize commercial performance. No matter your size, our platform makes it easy to turn aircraft downtime into productive earning hours.

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Learn more about the future of aviation

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