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Surf Air Mobility is reinventing flying through the power of electrification, changing everything you've come to expect from aviation. Green flying is a new era of air travel expansion made possible with new technologies that reduce emissions and cost.

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Accelerating the path to zero emission flying

There's a 910,000,000+ ton carbon problem waiting to be solved. By starting with electrifying smaller existing aircraft, we can take a significant step toward decarbonizing air travel.

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Surf Air Mobility has entered into a definitive agreement to merge, subject to closing conditions and regulatory approval, with Southern Airways, America's largest commuter airline, to create a national air travel platform and accelerate our efforts to commercialize hybrid electric aircraft. Surf Air Mobility intends to upgrade Southern's fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans with proprietary electrified powertrain technology, laying the foundation for the next generation of aviation.

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Surf Air can connect all 5,000 public-use airports in the U.S., not just the 600 with existing commercial service.

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Green flying redefines our radius
of local possibility

As aircraft become cheaper to operate with electrification,
we can catalyze new routes that change the paradigm of how we move.


of the population lives within 30 minutes of a regional airport.

The fastest way to travel
500 miles or less

A new kind of point-to-point air travel can replace
busy highways and large crowded airports.

Los Angeles to
San Diego

120 mi
Surfair airline
1:30 hrs
2-3 hrs
Legacy Airline Flight
3-3:30 hrs
Surfair airline
Surfair airline
Trip Total1:30Closer airports0:0090% of people in the U.S. live within 30 minutes of a regional airport.Skip the crowds0:20Fly direct between private terminals with 99% fewer people.Rapid Boarding0:15Go from curb to cabin in minutes with no lengthy boarding procedures. Deplane faster0:20Bags are handed to you as you disembark and it’s just steps across the airstrip to your car.Fly shared-private0:45Well-appointed executive aircraft with ≤ 8 passengers keep flights comfortable.
Los AngelesSan Diego+++
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We've created a delightful flying experience solving the greatest pain points of commercial flying. See how we're advancing the future of flight for our members today.

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The technology will cut the Grand Caravan EX's emissions and operating costs by up to 25%

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1,883 FAA-certified
and growing

Surf Air helps FAA-certified part 135 operators fly new customers, save cost, and optimize commercial performance. If you’re an operator, no matter your size, our platform makes it easy to turn aircraft downtime into productive earning hours.

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Surf Air does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights arranged by Surf Air are performed by independent, third party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.

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