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There are ~5,000 public use airports in the U.S.

But only 30 airports account for 70% of commercial air travel.

Illustrative example of airport locations in the U.S.

Your new neighborhoodYour old neighborhoodLos Angeles
Your old neighborhoodYour new neighborhoodLos Angeles

Turn your region
into your neighborhood

By connecting regional airports with seamless air travel,
you can turn long drives into short flights.


of the population lives within 30 minutes of a regional airport.

A new kind of
point-to-point air travel

Flying from these smaller airports can save hours compared to driving or traveling through large, crowded commercial airports.

Los Angeles to
San Diego

120 mi
Surfair airline
1:30 hrs
2-3 hrs
Legacy Airline Flight
3-3:30 hrs
Surfair airline
Surfair airline
Trip Total1:30Closer airports0:0090% of people in the U.S. live within 30 minutes of a regional airport.Skip the crowds0:20Fly direct between private terminals with 99% fewer people.Rapid Boarding0:15Go from curb to cabin in minutes with no lengthy boarding procedures. Deplane faster0:20Bags are handed to you as you disembark and it’s just steps across the airstrip to your car.Fly shared-private0:45Well-appointed executive aircraft with ≤ 8 passengers keep flights comfortable.
Los AngelesSan Diego+++


Green regional flying

We believe there's a shift in regional travel happening now and Surf Air Mobility aims to reinvent flying through the power of electrification.

Advancing the future of flight
through the power of electrification

We believe that as electrified aircraft take flight, we're positioned to make flying more accessible and less harmful to the planet. See our plan.

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