Moving the world forward, faster

Regional mobility is being transformed with simpler,
more affordable air travel


Accessible airports

Depart and arrive closer than commercial airlines


Available aircraft

Find the perfect travel option to meet your needs


Fewer people at the airport

Save time and reduce stress with every trip

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One platform. Every option.

Over 10 million routes available in just a few clicks. With both On Demand and Scheduled flights, Surf Air connects you to every airport across the U.S.

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How it works

Closer to home

  • There are over 5,000 airports across the country, likely putting the nearest one only a few minutes from your home. Surf Air connects this entire ecosystem, and eliminates the hassles of flying commercial. No more lines, crowds, or loudspeakers. You’re in, out and on your way in the same amount of time it takes you to get through TSA. Find your closest airport.

Choose how to fly

  • The Surf Air marketplace makes traveling simple, the way it should be. Book a private aircraft in just a few clicks. Or reserve a seat on a dense schedule of all-day flights. With thousands of aircraft on the platform and hundreds of monthly scheduled flights, you’ll find exactly what works best for you. Explore the options.

Flexible options

  • There’s a membership option for every type of flyer. From frequent travelers that need flexibility and unlimited options, to leisure weekend travelers that need a private aircraft for their group. Surf Air memberships make it easy.

A leap forward in aviation: electric flight

Operating cost reduced up to nearly 25% with hybrid upgrades

Carbon emissions reduced up to nearly 25% with new powertrain

60,000+ aircraft eligible for hybrid-electric upgrades worldwide

We’re accelerating the world’s transition to zero-emission flying, making affordable, sustainable air travel a reality. There’s no more time to waste.

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Helping operators find new flyers

From the smallest to the largest operator, Surf Air helps FAA-certified part 135 operators fly new customers, save cost, and make more money. The platform makes it easy to turn aircraft downtime into productive earning hours.

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