Surf Air Mobility joins the Target True Zero initiative

We’re aiming to make real cuts to flight emissions with today’s tech.


The environmental costs of aviation have long been known; currently 2.5% of global emissions, the use of passenger airplanes and their resultant pollution are both predicted to skyrocket in coming decades. But the industry’s answers to the issue, such as slowly ramping up sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) suggest a solution to the present climate crisis can wait for years, even decades. It’s a start, but we need to do more.

As a pioneer in deploying hybrid planes and developing zero-emission electric vehicles, we believe the solution can and should start today. That’s why we are proud to join with other industry partners in the new Target True Zero initiative.

We’re proud to join this global coalition of manufacturers, carriers, and green aviation groups, including Gulfstream, Boeing, EasyJet, and Alaska Airlines to focus on accelerating the creation and use of electric and hydrogen-powered planes with new technology, industry dynamics, infrastructure, supply chains, and regulations.

“The entire industry is making important improvements toward decoupling aviation’s operations from carbon-emitting fuels,” said Sudhin Shahani, Surf Air Mobility’s Chairman and CEO. “But with full electric, zero-emission aircraft still a few decades away, we also need solutions now. With half of all flights less than 500 miles, fortunately, hybrid solutions will allow us to bring meaningful carbon reductions to market within a couple years and on aircraft we’re already flying today.”

There’s wide agreement that aviation emissions need to shrink sharply. The energy and technical challenges require a multifaceted solution: alternative fuels, regulations that curtail short-haul flights that aren’t zero-emission, and a focus on new engine and energy technologies.

“We move pretty fast in this industry, and when it comes to this technology, we can move even faster when we work together,” said Surf Air President Fred Reid. “Increasing investment in new technologies today will pay exponential dividends as we develop and expand the market for electric aviation.”

While a number of forward-thinking aviation startups have announced plans to go public, and large carriers such as Airbus and Boeing have long-term visions for electric flight, Surf Air Mobility is the only carrier to have operated regular, commercial flights with a hybrid-electric plane, while concurrently developing a hybrid version of the popular Cessna Grand Caravan manufactured by Textron Aviation.

“The Cessna Grand Caravan is the perfect aircraft platform to develop and deploy our electric technology at a meaningful scale,” said Kevin Noertker, President of Amp Division. “This is going to be the entry point for so many to the potential of aircraft electrification.”

Target True Zero’s prioritization of new technology as a route to much-needed reductions will create a significantly more sustainable industry. Some estimate all flights under 2,500 miles, which generate more than half of aviation CO₂ emissions, could be electrified or powered by hydrogen.

We’re excited for what comes next.