• How do I know if a Surf Air membership is right for me?

    If you drive two to six hours regularly or fly commercial for more than two round-trips in a region we serve, you need a Surf Air membership. No need to waste valuable work (or play) time stuck in long airport lines, on hold with call centers, or navigating through complicated online bookings. Traveling with Surf Air eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time that accompany current travel options. With all that extra time, you could be focusing on what matters most.

  • What are the benefits of a Surf Air membership?

    As part of an empowered community, our Members can book flights in seconds, arrive at their local airport just 15 minutes before flights depart, enjoy personalized service, and get exclusive offers from Surf Air partners.

  • How is Surf Air simplifying the flight experience?

    Quite simply, flying with Surf Air is a game changer. You can book unlimited flights two, four, or six reservations at a time (depending on your membership plan). Plus, travel free from lines and fees, arrive at the airport right before your flight, and take off in minutes with personalized service. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • What makes a Surf Air membership different from flying private or charter?

    Flying in a private charter or jet can be expensive, with much planning required well in advance. With Surf Air, you can book flights with our operating partners minutes before departure and have the experience of flying in a private aircraft without private jet pricing, and in the company of no more than 7 other Members—like-minded travelers who you’ll come to know by name. Surf Air does fly on a schedule so you’ll need to choose from our available flight times.

  • What makes a Surf Air membership different from flying with traditional commercial airlines?

    Commercial air travelers are accustomed to the complicated, cumbersome, and expensive processes of the current flying experience. From tedious comparison-shopping to flight traffic and congestion at commercial airports to endless delays and crowded lines, air travelers waste valuable time and money daily.

    Becoming a Surf Air member introduces you to a revolutionary way to fly. It gives you the freedom of unlimited flights, 30-second booking, and a new and easy arrive-and-fly process. This is how flying should be.

  • What makes a Surf Air membership preferable to driving?

    If you take frequent car trips for two-to-six hours at a time, you’re often faced with the choice of whether to fly or to drive. Since the current flying routine takes so much time and causes unnecessary hassle, driving may seem like the more appealing option. Though driving might save you money, you lose a great deal of time on the road.

    When you fly with Surf Air you save valuable time that you would otherwise spend driving. Surf Air gets you to your destination quickly and allows you to work or relax while you fly hassle-free.

  • May I invite someone to join me on the flight?

    Of course. We want our Members to share this experience with family and friends, so we offer guest flights for purchase and included in some of our membership options. Members can also earn guest flights by sharing Surf Air with friends and colleagues. Once you’re a Member, you’ll have the option to seamlessly refer friends online, and get complimentary guest flights for every referral that joins the club.

  • How does Surf Air membership work for businesses? Is there a business group plan?

    Surf Air memberships are tied directly to each individual. Business requirements are incredibly unique, so we partner with certain companies to create custom plans that suit their needs. If you’re interested in other corporate or business membership options, please contact us at for consideration.

  • How can the Surf Air membership benefit my business team?

    Nothing says you care about your employees quite like offering them an exclusive, unlimited, private travel benefit as part of your compensation package. A Surf Air membership is an attractive benefit for both the employee and the business, since an employee’s membership allows him or her to fly for both business and personal travel at no additional charge to the employee or company.

    If your organization has an incentive, reward, or recognition program, a membership could quickly become the most coveted benefit in your portfolio. (Talk about boosting company morale.)

  • How does the Surf Air community work?

    At Surf Air you aren’t just a passenger; you’re a valued Member. We strive to create an exclusive and very real community of travelers enjoying a new and better way to travel—a community where personal relationships are nurtured and fostered. With Surf Air, you’re part of a cultivated community that can benefit your life beyond your everyday flying experience.

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

    After a three-month introductory membership period, you can cancel your membership with written, 30-day notice sent to Please see our Membership Agreement for details.

  • Are there any fees for changing my flight?

    No. We don’t think fees should be part of a new and better way to travel, and we never want to nickel-and-dime our members. With Surf Air, there are no hidden charges or additional fees.

  • What are the baggage fees?

    There are no baggage fees. We want to get you and your bags wherever you need to go as easily as possible. Members may bring multiple pieces of baggage so long as the total weight does not exceed 30 pounds and the total outside measurements do not exceed 44 linear inches.

Are there any fees for changing my flight?

No. We don’t think fees should be part of a new and better way to travel, and we never want to nickel-and-dime our members. With Surf Air, there are no hidden charges or additional fees.