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On Demand

Go anywhere, anytime and enjoy the control, flexibility and peace of mind flying private on your terms.


A flexible all day flight schedule to accomodate the modern traveler's moment-to-moment lifestyle.

About the experience

Where does Surf Air fly?

  • Surf Air provides On Demand flights across the entire United States to over 5,000 regional and international airports and scheduled flights along the West coast & Texas. With over 10 million route combinations to choose from, your travel will never be the same.

How much does Surf Air cost?

  • Surf Air offers flexible memberships for every traveler type. You can also book per seat for as low as $99 per flight. Explore memberships.

What is an On Demand flight?

  • On Demand flights are custom created private charter flights. In only a few clicks, you can specify the route, aircraft, date, and time of your flght. You’re in complete control of your travel day with On Demand. Explore aircraft today.

What flights are scheduled?

  • These flights are DOT-approved public charter flights on regular routes that depart at scheduled times that can be purchased or are included with your Surf Air membership. Find a flight that works for you.

Experience the difference

The old way to fly is over, personalized aviation has arrived.