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At Surf Air, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make each Member’s flying experience as simple and seamless as possible.

Inspire membership

Though California flyers choose to join our community on their own, we have the power to make them feel like Members, not passengers, with consistently impeccable service.

your life

Whatever the role, we encourage every teammate to approach their work with an entrepreneurial mindset—always innovating, and helping to move the culture of California forward.


Empowering a new way to live, work and travel

Dubbed “the future of flying” by Forbes magazine, we provide a meaningful alternative to the endless lines, stresses, and inflexibility of commercial air travel, giving our Members time back for what matters most. To accomplish this, we hand-select teammates based on their singular experience, expertise, and drive to be the absolute best in their respective fields.

I feel very fortunate to be among the first pilots hired by Surf Air.
Not only am I part of a wonderful aviation family here, I get to fly new, state-of-the-art airplanes in the most beautiful climate in the world, and go home each night to my family. I enjoy seeing the same Members on a regular basis and giving them the opportunity to get home to their families, too. Arlene Wilske, Captain
I love being able to work with an incredible team.
There is always something different every day, which creates a fun environment. I feel lucky to be a part of the Surf Air team, getting this great experience at an exciting company. Julissa Garcia, Club Host
The allure of the aircraft, the travel, and the people here are just phenomenal.
Every individual that I come in contact with at Surf Air, whether it’s the Club Hosts, the maintenance, the operations people, the pilots—they’re all very team-oriented, all want to help, and all want to be here. Josh Smith, Director of Pilot Training

Surf Air offers a comprehensive benefits package, competitive salary, quality of life enhancing schedule, and an excellent work environment. To apply, please click a specific position below, or send your resume and cover letter to

Surf Airlines Inc.

1408 Third Street Promenade Suite 300

Santa Monica, California 90401

(424) 645-1476

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