Surf Air Earth Day 2022

Earth Day has always been a moment to celebrate our home and focus our collective attention on averting an alarming future. Today, more than ever, as ever developing new climate science makes it painfully clear, it also must be a day of action and advancement in the present. The future of climate is now.

Surf Air Mobility believes now is also when the future of greener aviation will take shape, take flight, and change the course towards a more sustainable industry. Our point-to-point flight network has charted a bold future towards fully electric flight, rapidly reinvesting in new electrified powertrain technology to make widespread, green flying a reality faster.

Every day—and not just Earth Day​​—we’re accelerating our path towards eliminating aviation’s carbon footprint and empowering the industry to plug in and place fossil fuel-powered flights in the past, step by step. In the near future, we will introduce hybrid and fully-electric planes that will slash emissions, cut operating costs, and change the way aviation thinks about energy and emissions. It’s bold action today that aligns with our vision of tomorrow.