Hello, Europe!

Friends across the pond, we’re headed straight to EU. We are beyond excited to announce that we’ll be launching our new all-you-can-fly membership service in Europe* this fall.

Beginning in October, we plan to start flying to our first European destinations, including London, Cannes, Zurich, and Geneva—city pairs chosen for their similarities to the routes in our California network and the likeminded business travelers they serve. Visit our Europe page to learn all about where, what, and how we’ll fly.

*Surf Air Europe Ltd is a licensee of the trademarks and technology of Surf Airlines, Inc. Surf Air Europe Ltd will make flights available to its members who will pay a membership fee entitling them to book seats. Flights will be operated on Surf Air Europe Ltd’s behalf by TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd which is licensed as an air carrier in accordance with EU and UK law by the UK Civil Aviation Civil Authority, and will exercise full operational control of the aircraft. For additional information, please visit