Surf Air Recommends: regional airports to know

Surf Air Staff Writer

March 31, 2024

The convenience of using smaller, regional airports is unbeatable. Avoid the crowds and delays at large commercial airports and get closer to your end destination. Additionally, these smaller airports often offer easier parking options and shorter security lines, allowing for a smoother and less stressful travel experience overall. Furthermore, flying through regional airports can sometimes provide unique opportunities to explore lesser-known destinations or to experience more personalized service from airport staff.

Telluride, CO

Fly to Telluride Regional Airport (TEX).

At 9,078 feet above sea level, Telluride is the second-highest airport in North America.

Death Valley, CA

Fly to Furnace Creek Airport (DTH).

Not only is this the lowest elevation airport in the US, it’s also the hottest and driest.

New York, NY

Fly to Teterboro Airport (TEB).

The most popular private airport in the US.

Cordova, AK

Fly to Cordova Municipal Airport (CKU).

The most remote airport in the US.

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