The 2-Hour Plan

With no security lines or commercial airports to maneuver, Surf Air will save an estimated 2 hours of travel time with every flight. Since our private airports are both hassle free AND conveniently located, why not take advantage of those 2 extra hours to explore the city before heading to your final destination? Check out these Surf Air Member-favorites near some of our most frequented California airports.


Coni’ Seafood, Inglewood

4-minute drive

This once little-known gem just opened up a new location in Marina del Rey, so the secret’s officially out. Coni’ is amazing. It may not look like much from the outside, but the family-owned joint has an incredible menu of Nayarit-style seafood favorites (aguachile, al gobernador). And considering its contiguous location to the airport, you’d be doing a disservice if you didn’t give it a go.

Coni’ Seafood (Inglewood)

Playa Provisions, Silicon Beach

20-minute drive

Coast down to this beachside joint for everything you crave: excellent coffee, delicious lunch food, a great wine selection, a dimly lit cocktail bar, and even an ice cream parlor.

Image courtesy of Playa Provisions (Silicon Beach)


Drake’s Brewing Company, Oakland

Brewing some of Oakland’s finest since 1989, Drake’s is practically next door to Oakland Airport. Break away for an afternoon or evening or morning (no judgment) pint before takeoff. They also have a brand-new pilsner to boast about.

Drake’s Brewing Co. (Oakland)


San Bruno Golf Center, San Bruno

20–30-minute drive

They say the best deals are made on the golf course, but if you’re on a time crunch, hit the driving range. San Bruno Golf Center is the perfect place to work on your backswing or plan a future partnership, and it’s a quick drive away.

Blue Bottle or Philz Coffee, San Mateo

12-minute and 17-minute drives, respectively

Two favorite spots to caffeinate would be Blue Bottle and Philz. They’re both ideal spaces to get some work done or have a quick offsite meeting. One more reco: try your coffee “Philz’ way”.

Blue Bottle (San Mateo)


Tocaya Organica, Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

15-minute drive

For a healthier rendition of one of our WEHO favorites (Toca Madera), head over to Tocaya Organica. The restaurant, owned by the Madera Group, features an array of options that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the day, all made with organic produce, hormone-free meat, and sustainable seafood.

Mission Beach, San Diego

20-minute drive

Though the beach may be one of the farthest places on your mind, you’re physically very close! Find some much-needed headspace and put your feet in the sand at Mission Beach. It’s a low-key piece of the coast where you can unwind to actual sounds of the ocean.

Tocaya Organica (San Diego)


The Paradise Cafe, Santa Barbara

15-minute drive

The Paradise Cafe has been serving the Santa Barbara community delicious fare since 1983. Their oak wood grill items are not to be missed.

The Paradise Cafe (Santa Barbara)