Possibilities: Jason Henderson

Balancing life with a partner, kids, dogs, and a small business sounds like an exhausting endeavor. If, like Jason Henderson and his wife Denise, that business is a pair of dental practices about 230 miles away from each other in Truckee and Palo Alto, California, it can seem nearly impossible. The distance and complexity has made Jason a “religious” Surf Air user. He flies in Monday morning, sees patients non-stop at Kings Beach Dental, then flies back Thursday, dining together with his family via video chat every night he’s away. It’s “an elaborate example of going where the customer is”; in addition to actually recruiting customers on flights, the dual offices have helped the Hendersons respond to emergencies. Last summer, the CEO of a firm in the Bay Area, a patient of his wife’s, broke three veneers during a boating accident in Truckee, but Jason was in-town and able to fix it, so he didn’t have to cut his vacation short.


What was your first impression and experience with Surf Air?

When we found out they flew to Truckee, we jumped on it. Previously, I was commuting to Truckee by car, which took three-and-a-half hours. With Surf Air, it’s door-to-door in less than an hour, and if it’s snowing, I can just fly out of Reno. It’s a real personal experience. I know the crew in San Carlos and Truckee. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces every flight. And I know where the snacks are—the new flyers don’t know where the hidden door on the plane is—so they think I’m a veteran. Funny to open a door, grab a PowerBar, and be king.

What are your favorite flights? 

From an aesthetic standpoint, you can’t beat flying down the coast or over the mountains. I used to fly the Hawthorne to Vegas flight; I used to go to Vegas a lot. Flying into town via a private terminal really makes you feel like royalty.

Why is it so important for you to be flying Surf Air, a company that’s building the future of electric flight? 

I think electric flight is pretty cool. I’d love to try an electric jet sometime, that would be really cool. But the entire set-up here is great; small planes, very tidy, lots of stimulating, intellectual conversations with passengers on the plane. It’s a nice, safe, and clean environment.

Any flight rituals?

I run every Thursday when I get home, and Surf Air staff always have PowerBars ready for me on the plane. I even use the wonderful Surf Air water and mix my power drinks. So basically, for my flight back, I change clothes at the terminal, read a book on the plane, and then literally run out once it lands. It’s a nice way to decompress after days of surgery.

What would be your dream destination with Surf Air?

I’d like to see that Vegas direct route back. San Diego would also be great. There’s just something about flying down the coast to Carlsbad.

Who would be your dream passenger on a private flight?

My wife and two kids, especially now that they’re older and appreciating more stuff. A family of four with two dogs; it would be nice taking them on a plane instead of driving.