Earth Day special: Surf Air Recommended National Parks

Surf Air Recommends

This Earth Day, we’re hoping you can get outdoors. For a little inspiration, let’s celebrate some of our planet’s most amazing places: our national parks. With Surf Air, getting there is easy. With regional airports located close to many park entrances, you’ll spend less time getting there and more time exploring.



Redwood National Park

The oldest tree in Redwood National Park is believed to be somewhere between 1,900 – 2,200 years old.

Fly to Humboldt County Airport (ACV)

Surf Air Recommends: Fern Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Parts of the gorge receive only 33 total minutes of sunlight per day, giving it the name Black Canyon.

Fly to Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ)

Surf Air Recommends: Painted Wall View Trail

Joshua Tree National Park

Covering 1,235 square miles, Joshua Tree is the second largest national park in California, after Death Valley.

Fly to Yucca Valley Airport (L22)

Surf Air Recommends: Barker Dam Trail

Zion National Park

You’ll find one of the largest freestanding natural arches in the world, Kolob Arch, second only to Landscape Arch at Arches National Park.

Fly to Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC)

Surf Air Recommends: Emerald Pools Trail

Saguaro National Park

Located around the city of Tucson, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Saguaro National Park is divided into two districts.

Fly to Marana Regional Airport (AVQ)

Surf Air Recommends: Signal Hill Petroglyphs

Yosemite National Park

The giant sequoias in Yosemite are the biggest living things on the planet.

Fly to Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (MPI)

Surf Air Recommends: Dorothy Lake

Olympic National Park

Hoh Rain Forest, in Olympic National Park, is one of few remaining temperate rain forests in the United States.

Fly to William R Fairchild International Airport (CLM)

Surf Air Recommends: Salmon Cascades

Rocky Mountain National Park

As one of the nation’s highest national parks, Rocky Mountain has elevations from 7,860 feet to 14,259 feet.

Fly to Granby Grand County Airport (GNB)

Surf Air Recommends: East Inlet Trail to Lake Verna

Grand Canyon National Park

There are an estimated 1,000 hidden caves within the canyon.

Fly to Valle Airport (40G)

Surf Air Recommends: Shinumo Creek

Sequoia National Park

Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental U.S., resides in Sequoia National Park.

Fly to Woodlake Airport (O42)

Surf Air Recommends: Silliman Pass

Death Valley National Park

The lowest point in North America is in Death Valley.

Fly to Furnace Creek Airport (L06)

Surf Air Recommends: Zabriskie Point

Kings Canyon National Park

The General Sherman Tree, in Kings Canyon, is the largest known tree on earth.

Fly to Woodlake Airport (O42)

Surf Air Recommends: The Little Baldy trail

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is a caldera that can now hold up to 5 trillion gallons of water.

Fly to Chiloquin State Airport (2S7)

Surf Air Recommends: Wizard Island

Channel Islands National Park

A seasonal gathering of seals on San Miguel Island is one of the largest in the world.

Fly to Oxnard Airport (OXR)

Surf Air Recommends: Scorpion Canyon Loop

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