Grow your operations with Surf Air

We help operators fly new customers, save cost & improve aircraft management

Flying more than just passengers

We're looking for the best FAA certified 14 CFR Part 135 Air Carrier and Operators to join the marketplace. From the largest to the smallest operator, Surf Air helps turn aircraft downtime into productive earning hours.

Get more from your aircraft

Increased demand

Automatically find new flyers from across the country

Automated communications

We handle PAX logistics so you can focus on managing your fleet

Full price control

Cost & hour requirements of flying are completely determined by our operators

Empty legs

List empty legs & underutilized routes to increase earnings


How it works

Apply for our partner network

  • All current FAA-certified part 135 charter operators & air carriers are invited to inquire about becoming a partner in our marketplace. We’ll determine the fit & cover details of our charter platform including quoting, service expectations, cancellation policy, payment, & more.

Upload your fleet details

  • Upon admitance into our partner network, we’ll collect information about your fleet including availability, base airport, hourly rate, wait time, reposition charges, landing fees, de-icing/FIKI, among other considerations to compute accurate charter quotes on our platform.

Accept charter requests

  • When a Surf Air flyer finds a suitable flight on one of your aircraft we’ll accept a refundable payment from the flier & reach out to confirm booking amount, availability, & other passenger details prior to processing payment for the flight.

“ We've seen a big uptick in new quotes since adding our Cirrus fleet to Surf Air ”

— Greg West, Owner & Director of Operations