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Provo Municipal Airport (PVU)

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About Provo Municipal Airport (PVU)

3421 Mike Jense Pkwy, Provo, UT 84601

Provo Municipal Airport in UT is a sized airport with private flights serving the surrounding cities of  Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and West Valley City

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About Provo Municipal Airport

Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) is located just two miles west of Provo, a city in Utah County, Utah. It provides commercial service in addition to being a general aviation airfield. The airport is served by Allegiant Air with flights to Denver International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Orange County’s John Wayne Airport, the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport, and Tucson International Airport. It also has private flights to Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City, and West Valley City.



Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) offers multiple parking options for passengers in front of the TAC Air building and in front of the Provo Terminal. The prices are fixed at $6 a day. To know more about parking, please visit the airport’s official website at or give them a call at 801 852 6715.

Things to do

Things to do

he surrounding area of Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) offers access to multiple attractions and activities. Brigham Young University Museum of Art (MOA) Fifteen minutes away from the airport is a large four-story modern museum that spans over 102,000 square feet. Here you’ll find ten galleries, classrooms, an auditorium, a mini theater, a room for print studies, and a gift store. Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum The Monte L.Bean Life Science Museum has an incredible collection of taxidermy animals. You can see birds and animals from all over the world and engage in educational and family-friendly sessions. Utah Lake State Park This is Utah’s largest freshwater lake measuring roughly 148 square miles. You can enjoy a variety of recreational activities here.

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