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East Hampton Airport


200 Daniels Hole Road, Wainscott, NY 11975

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East Hampton Airport

East Hampton Airport offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the experience of its users. These include a comfortable and well-appointed terminal with seating areas, restrooms, and Wi-Fi access for passengers waiting for their flights. For pilots, there are facilities such as fuel services (AVGAS and Jet-A), aircraft parking (ramp or tie-down), and maintenance services. The airport also provides car rental services and taxi/limousine services for convenient ground transportation. Additionally, there are flight training and charter services available for those looking to learn to fly or seeking private flight options.

East Hampton, located on the eastern end of Long Island, New York, is a picturesque town known for its beautiful beaches, elegant homes, and vibrant arts scene. Whether you're visiting for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, there are plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy. Here are the top five things to do in East Hampton:

  1. Visit the Beaches: East Hampton is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in New York, including Main Beach, Georgica Beach, and Two Mile Hollow Beach. These beaches are known for their fine white sand, clear waters, and scenic beauty. Spend a day sunbathing, swimming, or simply enjoying the views.

  2. Explore East Hampton Village: The village of East Hampton is full of charm, with its historic buildings, upscale boutiques, and quaint cafes. Take a stroll down Main Street and Newtown Lane to shop for high-end fashion, art, and home decor. Don't miss the opportunity to dine at one of the village's excellent restaurants, offering everything from casual eats to gourmet cuisine.

  3. Visit the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center: Art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the former home and studio of the famous abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock and his wife, artist Lee Krasner. Located in Springs, a hamlet of East Hampton, the house is now a museum where visitors can learn about the couple's life and work, see Pollock's famous paint-splattered studio floor, and view changing exhibitions of their art.

  4. Hike in Cedar Point County Park: For those who love the outdoors, Cedar Point County Park offers over 600 acres of scenic beauty, including trails for hiking and biking, picnic areas, and stunning views of Gardiner's Bay. The park is also home to the historic Cedar Point Lighthouse, which dates back to the 1860s.

  5. Tour the East Hampton Windmill: One of East Hampton's most iconic landmarks is the Hook Windmill, located on North Main Street. Built in 1806, it is one of the best-preserved windmills in the United States. Although it is not regularly open for interior tours, the windmill is a must-see for its historical significance and for the opportunity to take beautiful photos, especially during the golden hour.

These activities offer a glimpse into the diverse attractions East Hampton has to offer, from its natural beauty and outdoor adventures to its rich cultural heritage and luxurious lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about East Hampton Airport

East Hampton Airport (IATA: HTO, ICAO: KHTO) is located in East Hampton, New York, on Long Island. It serves the area of the Hamptons, which is a popular summer resort destination for New York City residents. The airport is situated about 3 miles west of the central business district of East Hampton.

East Hampton Airport (HTO), located in East Hampton, New York, is situated on the eastern part of Long Island. The area around the airport is known for its picturesque landscapes, affluent residential areas, and proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Near East Hampton Airport, you will find:

  1. East Hampton Village: A charming and upscale area known for its high-end boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining options. The village also features historic landmarks and beautiful homes.

  2. Beaches: The Hamptons are famous for their stunning beaches. Close to East Hampton Airport, you have Main Beach, which is often ranked among the top beaches in the United States. Other nearby beaches include Georgica Beach and Wainscott Beach.

  3. State Parks and Nature Preserves: The area around East Hampton is home to several state parks and nature preserves, such as Cedar Point County Park and the Hither Hills State Park, offering hiking trails, camping facilities, and beautiful views of the natural surroundings.

  4. Golf Courses: There are several prestigious golf courses near East Hampton Airport, including the East Hampton Golf Club and the Maidstone Club, which are known for their challenging courses and exclusive memberships.

  5. Art and Culture: East Hampton has a vibrant arts scene, with several galleries and museums in the vicinity, such as the Guild Hall of East Hampton, which hosts art exhibitions, performances, and cultural events.

  6. Wineries and Vineyards: The North Fork of Long Island, a short drive from East Hampton, is renowned for its vineyards and wineries, offering tastings and tours.

  7. Luxury Accommodations: The area around East Hampton Airport is dotted with luxurious hotels, resorts, and rental properties, catering to the affluent visitors who frequent the Hamptons during the summer season.

  8. Residential Areas: East Hampton and its surrounding areas are known for their exclusive residential communities, featuring some of the most expensive real estate in the United States.

The airport itself is primarily used for general aviation and is popular among private jet travelers visiting the Hamptons. Given its location, East Hampton Airport serves as a convenient gateway for those looking to explore the natural beauty, luxury, and leisure activities that the Hamptons have to offer.

East Hampton Airport (HTO), located in East Hampton, New York, is approximately 3 miles (about 4.8 kilometers) north of the center of East Hampton. This distance makes it quite convenient for travelers heading to the town or the surrounding areas in the Hamptons.

As of my last update in September 2023, East Hampton Airport (HTO) in East Hampton, New York, is known to be a relatively busy general aviation airport, especially during the summer months. It serves a significant amount of private jet traffic, as it is a popular destination for affluent visitors and residents of the Hamptons. The airport experiences its peak activity from Memorial Day through Labor Day, coinciding with the Hamptons' high season.

The airport has been the subject of local debate due to noise complaints from residents, leading to discussions about managing and potentially limiting its operations to reduce the impact on the surrounding community. These discussions have included proposals to limit the number of flights or to impose stricter noise regulations.

Given the dynamic nature of local policies and the potential for changes in airport operations, it's advisable to check the latest information directly from the airport or local news sources for the most current details on its busyness and any new regulations that may have been implemented.