Roswell International Air Center (ROW)

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Roswell International Air Center


1 Jerry Smith Cir, Roswell, NM 88203

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Roswell International Air Center

The Roswell International Air Center, located in Roswell, New Mexico, offers a range of amenities to accommodate the needs of its passengers and visitors. These amenities include ample parking, car rental services, and a comfortable waiting area. The airport also provides free Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected while waiting for their flights. For convenience, there are vending machines offering snacks and beverages. Additionally, the air center is equipped with clean restroom facilities. While the airport may not have the extensive amenities found in larger international airports, its facilities ensure a pleasant and efficient experience for travelers passing through.

Roswell, New Mexico, is famously known for its association with an alleged UFO incident in 1947. However, the city offers a variety of attractions beyond its extraterrestrial fame. Here are the top five things to do in Roswell:

  1. International UFO Museum and Research Center: This is a must-visit for anyone coming to Roswell. The museum is dedicated to the 1947 Roswell Incident, UFO sightings, and the study of UFOs in general. It features exhibits on the history of UFO encounters, including photographs, documents, and eyewitness accounts. The museum aims to educate the public about all aspects of the UFO phenomena.

  2. Roswell Spacewalk: Dive into a unique experience with the Roswell Spacewalk, a blacklight art experience that takes you on a journey through outer space. This immersive attraction features hand-painted scenes that glow under blacklight, creating a captivating environment that's fun for all ages.

  3. Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Located just northeast of Roswell, this wildlife refuge is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The refuge is home to a diverse ecosystem, including one of the most biologically significant wetland areas in the Pecos Valley. Visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing, photography, hiking, and seasonal hunting.

  4. Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art: For those interested in the arts, the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art showcases an impressive collection of modern art. The museum features over 500 works of art, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and prints, all created by artists who have participated in the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program.

  5. Spring River Park and Zoo: This small, family-friendly zoo is a great place to spend a few hours, especially if you're traveling with children. The zoo houses native animals and exotic species in well-maintained habitats. Adjacent to the zoo, Spring River Park offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and a carousel, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely day out.

While Roswell is renowned for its connection to UFO lore, the city also offers a range of cultural, historical, and natural attractions that make it a fascinating destination for all types of travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roswell International Air Center

Roswell International Air Center is located in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. It is situated to the south of the central part of the city and serves as a public airport. The facility is known for its aviation and aerospace operations and has a history that includes its previous use as Walker Air Force Base.

The Roswell International Air Center (RIAC) is located in Roswell, New Mexico, and is surrounded by a variety of facilities and attractions, both directly related to its aviation heritage and to the broader cultural and natural offerings of the area. As of my last update, here are some key points of interest and facilities near the Roswell International Air Center:

  1. Boneyard/Storage Facility for Aircraft: The air center is well-known for its aircraft storage, maintenance, and decommissioning facilities. It serves as a boneyard for commercial aircraft, where planes are stored, maintained, or dismantled and recycled.

  2. New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI): Located in Roswell, NMMI is a government-supported educational institution that combines a high school and junior college. It's known for its rigorous academic and physical training programs.

  3. Roswell Museum and Art Center: This museum features exhibits on art, history, and science, including information about Robert H. Goddard, the pioneer of modern rocketry, who conducted much of his research in Roswell.

  4. International UFO Museum and Research Center: Given Roswell's fame from the 1947 UFO incident, this museum attracts visitors interested in the history of UFO sightings and research. It's a unique attraction that delves into the mystery surrounding unidentified flying objects, including the famous Roswell Incident.

  5. Bottomless Lakes State Park: Located about 15 miles southeast of Roswell, this state park offers outdoor activities such as swimming, picnicking, and hiking. The "bottomless" lakes are actually deep sinkholes, and the park is a great spot for nature lovers.

  6. Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Situated northeast of Roswell, this wildlife refuge is a habitat for a diverse array of species, especially birds. It's a popular spot for bird watching, photography, and enjoying the natural beauty of the Pecos Valley.

  7. Historic Downtown Roswell: The downtown area offers shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, with a variety of local businesses and historic sites. It's a good place to explore Roswell's history and community.

  8. Walker Aviation Museum: Located at the Roswell International Air Center, this museum is dedicated to the history of the former Walker Air Force Base and its role during World War II, the Cold War, and as a strategic bomber base.

These attractions provide a mix of educational, recreational, and historical experiences for visitors and residents alike. The area around the Roswell International Air Center is rich in history, both in terms of its aviation heritage and its place in American pop culture due to the famous UFO incident.

The Roswell International Air Center (RIAC) is located approximately 7 miles south of the city center of Roswell, New Mexico. This distance can vary slightly depending on the specific starting or ending points within the city center and the airport.

As of my last update in September 2021, the Roswell International Air Center (RIAC) in Roswell, New Mexico, is not a major passenger airport but has a significant role in other aviation-related activities. It is particularly known for its aircraft storage, maintenance, and dismantling services. The air center is a popular location for storing aircraft due to its dry climate, which is ideal for preserving aircraft components. It also serves as a facility for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), and for the dismantling and recycling of retired aircraft.

The air center has a long runway (13,001 feet), which can accommodate virtually any type of aircraft, including large commercial jets. This makes it an attractive location for these specialized aviation services. While it does have a terminal, the volume of regular commercial passenger flights is limited compared to major airports. Any changes in its busyness or operations would depend on contracts for aircraft storage, maintenance, and the state of the aviation industry more broadly.

For the most current information on the activities and busyness of the Roswell International Air Center, I recommend checking the latest news releases or contacting the airport directly, as the situation can change based on factors like the global economy, the aviation industry's health, and specific company contracts with the facility.