Helena Regional Airport (HLN)

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Helena Regional Airport


2850 Mercer Loop, Helena, MT 59602

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Helena Regional Airport

Helena, the capital city of Montana, offers a variety of attractions and activities that cater to history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and those looking to explore the unique culture of the American West. Here are the top five things to do in Helena, Montana:

  1. Visit the Montana State Capitol: The state capitol building, with its stunning architecture and beautiful grounds, is a must-see. Free guided tours are available, offering insights into the state's legislative process and Montana's history. The building itself is a work of art, and the surrounding area, with its statues and memorials, is perfect for a leisurely stroll.

  2. Explore Last Chance Gulch: This historic district is the heart of downtown Helena. It was named after the gold strike that led to the city's founding. Today, Last Chance Gulch is a vibrant area filled with shops, restaurants, art galleries, and boutiques. Walking along the pedestrian mall, you can enjoy the unique blend of Helena's historic charm and modern vitality.

  3. Hike or Bike on Mount Helena City Park: For those who love the outdoors, Mount Helena City Park offers over 620 acres of parkland with several trails for hiking and mountain biking. The trails offer varying levels of difficulty, but all provide fantastic views of the Helena Valley. The 1906 Trail is a popular choice, leading to the summit of Mount Helena for panoramic views.

  4. Visit the Montana Historical Society Museum: Located near the State Capitol, this museum is a treasure trove of Montana's history. With exhibits ranging from Native American artifacts to the state's mining history and its role in the American West, the museum offers a comprehensive look at what makes Montana unique. The Charles M. Russell collection, featuring works by one of the most famous Western artists, is a highlight.

  5. Tour the Cathedral of St. Helena: This stunning Gothic-style cathedral, inspired by the Votive Church in Vienna, Austria, is a landmark in Helena. With its twin spires visible from many parts of the city, the cathedral is both a spiritual center and an architectural marvel. The interior is equally impressive, with beautiful stained glass windows and intricate details. Guided tours are available, providing insights into the cathedral's history and architecture.

These activities offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Helena's history, culture, and natural beauty, making the city a fascinating destination for visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Helena Regional Airport

Helena Regional Airport is located in Helena, the capital city of Montana, United States.

Helena Regional Airport (HLN) is approximately 2.6 miles (about 4.2 kilometers) from the city center of Helena, Montana. This distance makes it quite convenient for travelers to reach the downtown area in a short amount of time, typically around 5 to 10 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.