Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport


3087 Terminal Dr, Hebron, KY 41048

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers. These amenities include free Wi-Fi throughout the airport, a variety of dining options ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants, shopping outlets for last-minute gifts and travel essentials, multiple charging stations for electronic devices, and quiet rooms for relaxation. Additionally, CVG provides a play area for children, nursing rooms for new mothers, and pet relief areas for those traveling with pets. For business travelers, there are meeting rooms and a business center available. The airport also features ample parking, car rental services, and efficient public transportation links to the surrounding areas.

Covington, Kentucky, nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, opposite Cincinnati, Ohio, offers a blend of historic charm, modern attractions, and natural beauty. Here are the top five things to do when visiting Covington:

  1. Roebling Suspension Bridge: Start with a walk across the iconic Roebling Suspension Bridge, which predates the Brooklyn Bridge and offers stunning views of the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River. It's a great way to experience a piece of engineering history and enjoy scenic views.

  2. MainStrasse Village: Explore MainStrasse Village, a picturesque area known for its German heritage, beautifully preserved 19th-century architecture, and a variety of unique shops, restaurants, and bars. The area is also home to several festivals throughout the year, including the popular MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest.

  3. Covington's Historic Districts: Covington is home to several historic districts, including the Licking Riverside Historic District, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through streets lined with beautiful, well-preserved homes that date back to the 19th century. The area's rich history and architecture make it a must-visit.

  4. Devou Park: Offering more than 700 acres of green space, Devou Park is a great place for outdoor activities. It features spectacular views of the Cincinnati skyline, extensive hiking and biking trails, a golf course, and the Behringer-Crawford Museum, which focuses on Northern Kentucky's history, culture, and art.

  5. Braxton Brewing Company: No visit to Covington would be complete without experiencing its vibrant craft beer scene. Braxton Brewing Company is a standout, offering a wide range of innovative beers in a spacious and welcoming taproom. It's a perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring the city.

These activities offer a glimpse into the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Covington, making it a worthwhile destination for travelers seeking a mix of experiences.

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