Peoria International Airport (PIA)

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Peoria International Airport


6100 W Everett McKinley Dirksen Pkwy, Peoria, IL 61607

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Peoria International Airport

Peoria International Airport, serving the Greater Peoria area, offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. These amenities include free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to stay connected with work or entertainment. For those driving to the airport, there is convenient parking close to the terminal. The airport also features a comfortable and spacious waiting area, equipped with seating and charging stations for electronic devices. Additionally, there are dining options available for travelers looking for a meal or a quick snack before their flight. For added convenience, the airport provides car rental services on-site, making it easy for travelers to secure transportation upon arrival or before departure.

Peoria, Illinois, offers a variety of attractions and activities that cater to different interests, from nature enthusiasts and history buffs to families and art lovers. Here are the top five things to do in Peoria:

  1. Peoria Riverfront Museum: This museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in art, science, history, and technology. It features interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and a giant screen theater. The museum's collections and exhibitions are designed to inspire and educate visitors of all ages.

  2. Wildlife Prairie Park: Located just outside Peoria, this park is a unique mix of zoo, natural habitat, and recreational area. It is home to animals native to Illinois, such as bison, wolves, elk, and black bears, living in natural settings. The park also offers hiking trails, fishing ponds, and various educational programs, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and families.

  3. Grand View Drive: Often referred to by Theodore Roosevelt as the "world's most beautiful drive," Grand View Drive offers stunning views of the Illinois River Valley. This scenic route is ideal for a leisurely drive, bike ride, or walk. Along the way, you'll see impressive homes and lush landscapes, especially beautiful during the fall when the foliage is changing colors.

  4. Peoria Zoo: Located in Glen Oak Park, the Peoria Zoo is a great place for families and animal lovers. The zoo features a wide variety of animals from around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Australia. The zoo is committed to conservation and education, offering a chance to learn about wildlife and their habitats.

  5. Luthy Botanical Garden: This tranquil garden is nestled within Glen Oak Park and offers a peaceful escape with its beautiful landscapes, themed gardens, and conservatory. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, photography, or simply relaxing amidst nature. The garden hosts seasonal events and displays, making it worth visiting any time of the year.

These attractions highlight the diverse offerings of Peoria, making it an interesting destination for visitors with a wide range of interests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peoria International Airport

Peoria International Airport, officially known as General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, is located in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

Peoria International Airport (PIA), officially known as General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, is located in Peoria, Illinois. Near the airport, you can find a variety of facilities and attractions, including:

  1. Hotels: There are several hotels in close proximity to the airport, catering to travelers who need a place to stay before or after their flights.

  2. Restaurants and Dining Options: Various dining options are available near the airport, offering travelers and visitors a range of cuisines.

  3. Shopping Centers: While not immediately adjacent, there are shopping areas within a short driving distance from the airport, providing opportunities for last-minute shopping or leisure.

  4. Recreational Areas: Peoria is home to several parks and recreational areas, some of which are relatively close to the airport. These can be great for relaxation or a bit of exploration during a longer layover or stay.

  5. Peoria Zoo and Luthy Botanical Garden: Located within Peoria itself, these attractions are not far from the airport and offer educational and leisure activities for families and individuals interested in wildlife and nature.

  6. Peoria Riverfront Museum: A bit further away in downtown Peoria, this museum offers exhibits on art, science, history, and achievement, making it a worthwhile visit for those interested in cultural activities.

  7. Bradley University: Located in Peoria, Bradley University is a significant educational institution in the area. While not immediately next to the airport, it's an important landmark within the city.

  8. Caterpillar Visitors Center: This center provides insight into the history and operations of Caterpillar Inc., a major manufacturing company headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, with significant historical ties to Peoria.

The area around Peoria International Airport offers a mix of accommodations, dining, shopping, and cultural attractions, making it convenient for travelers and visitors to the region.

Peoria International Airport (PIA), officially known as General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, is located approximately 5 to 7 miles (about 8 to 11 kilometers) west of the downtown area of Peoria, Illinois. The exact distance can vary slightly depending on the specific route taken and the exact starting or ending point in the city center.

General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport (PIA) in Peoria, Illinois, is a relatively small airport compared to major city airports. It primarily serves the Peoria metropolitan area and offers both commercial passenger flights and cargo services. The airport has seen growth in passenger numbers over the years but is not considered busy when compared to major hubs like Chicago's O'Hare International Airport or Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Peoria International Airport typically offers direct flights to several major hubs in the United States, facilitating connections to destinations worldwide. Airlines operating out of PIA include American Airlines, United Airlines, and Allegiant Air, among others, providing service to cities such as Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Phoenix.

The airport has been recognized for its facilities and services, including a relatively new terminal building that opened in 2011, designed to enhance passenger experience. Despite its smaller size, the airport is equipped to handle a significant amount of traffic efficiently and is an important transportation hub for central Illinois.

For the most current information on passenger traffic, flight schedules, and services offered at Peoria International Airport, it's best to consult the airport's official website or contact the airport directly.