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Upolu Airport (UPP)

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About Upolu Airport (UPP)

Upolu Point Rd, Hawi, HI 96719

Upolu Airport in HI is a medium sized airport with private flights serving the surrounding cities of Kapaau, Niuliʻi, Hāwī, and Halaʻula

Private charter flights from Upolu Airport

There are 6 aircraft within 500 miles of Upolu Airport in Hawaii available to be chartered starting from $3,628 per trip. Select a private jet, turboprop, single or multi-engine aircraft and a destination to explore per seat and total flight costs.

About Upolu Airport

Upolu Airport (UPP) is a small general aviation facility 3.5 miles northwest of Hawi and originally built in 1927 for the United States Air Service. It currently has 1 runway with legislation set in place to expand if needed.


For parking information contact the airport manager at (808) 327-9520

Things to do

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument
This historic monument is one of the most famous sacrificial temples on the island and the birthsite to Hawaii’s greatest king.

Lapakahi State Historical Park
Lapakahi State Historical Park is a large area of ruins from an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. Visitors can learn more about Hawaiian culture through the partially restored remains.

Upolu Point
Upolu point is the northernmost point on the island of Hawaii. It is an extruding landform created by cooled lava from an old eruption from Kohala volcano where visitors can hike and see views of the ocean.

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