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Palm Beach Int. (PBI)

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About Palm Beach Int. (PBI)

1000 James L Turnage Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Palm Beach Int. in FL is a large sized airport with private flights serving the surrounding cities of  Miami, Palm Bay, Port Saint Lucie and Hialeah

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About Palm Beach Int.

Considered the 7th best airport in the world, enjoy some of the shortest wait times when traveling non-stop to popular destinations such as Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Boston and Chicago all from the convenient location of Palm Beach International Airport. Its proximity to I-95 makes it easily accessible to any location in the surrounding city of Palm Beach and is just 20 mins north of Boca Raton.



Palm Beach International Airport offers short term parking up to $17 per day, as well as several options for long term parking. Choose between Premium parking conveniently adjacent to the terminal for $30 per day or Economy parking, a 15 minute walk from the terminal, for $7 per day. Economy parking is available for up to 30 days but customers will be accommodated should they need a longer parking stay.

Things to do

Things to do

Boca Raton Just 20 minutes South, Boca Raton is a luxurious vacation spot for many travelers. It offers beautiful beaches and many high end resorts. The community also offers many opportunities for visitors to enjoy local art such as at the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Festival of Arts BOCA. Beaches The nearest beach to PBI is a mere 10 minutes away. With nearly 30 beaches in the Palm Beach Area, they are considered some of the best beaches in Southern Florida. Some of these beaches include Loggerheard park, where Manatees can be spotted, and Coral Cove Park, where visitors can go snorkeling. Golf Considered the gold capital of Florida, Palm Beaches offers year round golf. Visitors of all skill-level can play or receive lessons at one of several courses including The Breakers Ocean Course or Red Reef Executive Course.

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