Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB)

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Daytona Beach International Airport


700 Catalina Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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Daytona Beach International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. These amenities include free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to stay connected with their work or entertainment. For those traveling by car, the airport provides convenient parking options close to the terminal. Inside, passengers can enjoy a variety of dining options, from quick snacks to sit-down meals, catering to a range of tastes and dietary needs. Shopping opportunities are also available, offering travelers the chance to pick up last-minute travel essentials or souvenirs. Additionally, the airport features comfortable seating areas and clean restrooms, ensuring a pleasant wait for flights. For added convenience, there are car rental services on-site, making it easy for travelers to continue their journey upon arrival in Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach, Florida, is a renowned destination for its beautiful beaches, vibrant events, and numerous attractions. Here are the top five things to do when visiting Daytona Beach:

  1. Daytona International Speedway: A must-visit for motorsports fans, the Daytona International Speedway is famous for hosting the Daytona 500, one of NASCAR's most prestigious races. The Speedway offers tours that allow visitors to explore the history and behind-the-scenes action of this iconic racetrack.

  2. Beach Activities: Daytona Beach is famous for its 23 miles of sandy beaches that are open to pedestrians 24/7 and to vehicles during daylight hours in designated areas. It's the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and surfing. The beach also has designated areas for volleyball and other beach sports.

  3. Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier: A classic beachside attraction, the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier features games, rides, and amusements, including a Ferris wheel, offering fun for the whole family. The area is also home to shops, bars, and restaurants, making it a perfect spot for an evening stroll or a day of entertainment.

  4. Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum: Climb Florida's tallest lighthouse for breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River. The Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum offers a glimpse into the history of the area and the life of lighthouse keepers. The beautiful grounds and historical exhibits make it a fascinating visit.

  5. Marine Science Center: Ideal for families and anyone interested in marine life and ecosystem conservation, the Marine Science Center offers interactive exhibits, a sea turtle rehabilitation facility, and a stingray touch pool. It's an educational experience where visitors can learn about marine life, bird rehabilitation, and the importance of preserving marine environments.

These activities offer a glimpse into the diverse attractions Daytona Beach has to offer, catering to a wide range of interests from motorsports and history to nature and beach fun.

Frequently Asked Questions about Daytona Beach International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. It serves the city of Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas, including the popular Daytona International Speedway, which is located nearby.

Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, and is in close proximity to several key attractions and facilities. Some of the notable places near Daytona Beach International Airport include:

  1. Daytona International Speedway: This world-famous racetrack is best known for hosting the Daytona 500, one of NASCAR's most prestigious races. It's located just across from the airport, making it easily accessible for visitors interested in motorsports.

  2. Volusia Mall: Situated near the airport, this large shopping mall offers a variety of stores, dining options, and services, making it a convenient stop for travelers.

  3. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: This is one of the top aviation and aerospace universities in the world, located just a short distance from the airport. It's known for its programs in aviation, aerospace, and related fields.

  4. Daytona Beach: The city is famous for its beach, which is just a short drive from the airport. Daytona Beach offers beautiful sandy beaches, a historic boardwalk, and numerous attractions for tourists.

  5. Tanger Outlets Daytona: For those interested in shopping, this outlet mall is located a few miles from the airport and offers a variety of popular retail brands at discounted prices.

  6. Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS): A short drive from the airport, MOAS is a well-regarded museum in Daytona Beach, offering a range of exhibits including science, art, and history.

  7. LPGA International: For golf enthusiasts, this premier golf facility, which hosts two championship 18-hole golf courses, is located a reasonable distance from the airport.

These attractions, along with various hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, make the area around Daytona Beach International Airport a convenient and interesting place for travelers and visitors to the region.

Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is located approximately 3 miles (about 5 kilometers) southwest of the central business district of Daytona Beach, Florida. This makes it very convenient for travelers looking to access the city center and surrounding areas.

Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is a relatively small airport compared to major hubs, but it plays a significant role in serving the Daytona Beach area, including the cities around Volusia County, Florida. Its business levels can fluctuate seasonally, largely due to the influx of tourists during peak vacation times and special events. Daytona Beach is famous for its NASCAR races, including the Daytona 500, bike week events, and its beautiful beaches, which can lead to increased air traffic during these periods.

The airport typically handles a mix of commercial airline flights, general aviation, and military operations. It has a few airlines operating regular flights, including Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, connecting passengers to major hubs like Atlanta and Charlotte, from which they can reach destinations worldwide.

While it's not as busy as major international airports, Daytona Beach International Airport can experience days of high activity, especially around special events. For general aviation and commercial flights, it offers a more relaxed and efficient experience compared to larger airports, with shorter lines and less congestion.

For the most current information on flight schedules, passenger numbers, or any expansions and developments that might affect its busyness, it's best to check directly with the airport or consult recent news updates.