UC Davis: University Airport (EDU)

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UC Davis: University Airport


1 Airport Rd, Davis, CA 95616

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UC Davis: University Airport

UC Davis University Airport (EDU) offers a range of amenities designed to support the needs of its users, including general aviation services, aircraft parking (ramp or tie-down), hangars, and aviation fuel (Jet A and Avgas). The airport is equipped with pilot supplies, a passenger terminal and lounge, and flight training facilities. Additionally, it provides services such as aircraft maintenance, rental, and sales, making it a comprehensive hub for aviation activities within the UC Davis community and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions about UC Davis: University Airport

UC Davis: University Airport, designated by the IATA code EDU, is located in Davis, California, United States. It is situated near the University of California, Davis campus. This airport primarily serves the university community, including faculty, students, and staff, and is used for general aviation purposes.

Near UC Davis University Airport (EDU), located in Davis, California, you can find a variety of facilities and attractions. The airport itself is primarily used for general aviation and is part of the University of California, Davis. Here are some points of interest and facilities in the vicinity:

  1. University of California, Davis: The main campus is close to the airport, offering a wide range of academic programs, research facilities, and student services. The university is well-known for its contributions to agriculture, veterinary medicine, and environmental sciences.

  2. UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden: A beautiful and extensive collection of gardens, plants, and landscapes that represent different ecosystems. It's a great place for walking, bird watching, and enjoying nature.

  3. Downtown Davis: A vibrant area with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions. The downtown area also hosts a farmers market, which is popular among students, residents, and visitors.

  4. Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts: Located on the UC Davis campus, this is a premier venue for music, theater, dance, and lectures, attracting world-class performers and speakers.

  5. Davis Greenbelt: A network of parks and bike paths that connects various parts of the city, offering scenic routes for biking, walking, and outdoor activities.

  6. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: A short drive from Davis, this wildlife area provides opportunities for bird watching, hiking, and experiencing the natural floodplain ecosystem of the Central Valley.

  7. Schrem Museum of Art: Also located on the UC Davis campus, this museum features contemporary art with a focus on works that engage with social issues, science, and the environment.

  8. Aggie Stadium: Home to the UC Davis Aggies football team, the stadium hosts games and events throughout the year.

  9. Davis Farmers Market: Although mentioned with Downtown Davis, it's worth highlighting separately for its wide range of local produce, artisan goods, and community atmosphere.

  10. Bike Trails: Davis is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., with an extensive network of bike lanes and paths, making it easy to explore the area on two wheels.

These are just a few of the attractions and facilities near UC Davis University Airport, reflecting the diverse and vibrant community of Davis and the university.

The University Airport (EDU) at the University of California, Davis, is located approximately 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers) west of the main campus of UC Davis. The distance to the city center of Davis, California, from the University Airport is roughly the same, about 2 miles, given the close proximity of the campus to the downtown area of Davis. This makes it quite accessible for those needing to travel between the airport and the city's central locations.

UC Davis: University Airport (FAA LID: EDU), also known as University Airport, is a public airport located adjacent to the University of California, Davis campus. It is primarily used for general aviation and university-related activities, including research, academic projects, and transportation for university personnel. The airport does not serve commercial airline traffic, which limits its overall busyness compared to commercial airports.

The level of activity at University Airport can vary, but it is generally considered a small, relatively quiet airport. Its primary users are pilots training, private aircraft owners, and university-related flights. The airport may also host events or activities related to aviation education and research, which could temporarily increase its busyness.

Given its focus on general aviation and educational purposes, the airport's traffic mainly consists of small aircraft, and it does not experience the high volume of flights or the congestion seen at larger, commercial airports. For specific details about current activity levels or operations, it would be best to contact the airport directly or refer to recent traffic statistics if available.