Round Valley Airport (O09)

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Round Valley Airport


22830 S Airport Rd, Covelo, CA 95428

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Round Valley Airport

Round Valley Airport, located in Springerville, Arizona, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of both pilots and passengers. These amenities include a well-maintained runway suitable for small to medium-sized aircraft, fueling services offering both Avgas and Jet A fuel, tie-down spaces for aircraft parking, a pilot's lounge for relaxation and pre-flight planning, restrooms, and access to weather briefing facilities. Additionally, the airport is in close proximity to local dining and lodging options, making it convenient for travelers looking to explore the area or rest before continuing their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Round Valley Airport

Round Valley Airport, also known as Ernest A. Love Field, is located in Springerville, Arizona, United States. It serves the local area of Springerville and Eagar in Apache County, and is used for general aviation purposes.

As of my last update in September 2021, Round Valley Airport (RVS), also known as Ernest A. Love Field, is located in Springerville, Arizona, in the United States. The area around Round Valley Airport is characterized by its scenic beauty, being nestled in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. It's a region known for outdoor activities and natural attractions.

Nearby, you can find:

  1. Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests: These forests offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The area is known for its beautiful landscapes and is a popular destination for nature lovers.

  2. Sunrise Park Resort: Located to the south of Springerville, this resort offers skiing in the winter and mountain biking, hiking, and scenic lift rides in the summer.

  3. Casa Malpais Archaeological Park: This site features ancient ruins, an astronomical calendar, a great kiva, and a museum. It offers guided tours that provide insights into the Mogollon culture that once thrived in the region.

  4. Lyman Lake State Park: Situated to the north of Springerville, this park offers camping, fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities. It's known for its petroglyphs and a wide variety of water sports.

  5. Becker Lake Wildlife Area: Known for its excellent trout fishing, Becker Lake is managed as a catch-and-release fishery. It's also a good spot for bird watching and wildlife viewing.

  6. The town of Eagar: Adjacent to Springerville, Eagar offers additional accommodations, dining options, and services. It's part of the Round Valley area and shares its rich history and culture.

Please note that the availability of these attractions and their current status can change, so it's a good idea to check the latest information before planning a visit.

To provide an accurate answer, I need to know the specific city or location you are referring to when you mention "Round Valley Airport." There are several places that could potentially match, and without more context, it's challenging to give a precise distance to a city center. Could you please provide more details about the location?

specific details about the current activity levels at Round Valley Airport (also known as Covelo Airport, with the FAA identifier O09) in Covelo, California, were not readily available. This airport is a small, public-use facility primarily serving general aviation. The level of busyness at such airports can vary widely based on several factors, including the season, local events, and changes in the general aviation community's needs.

Round Valley Airport, like many small, rural airports, likely handles a relatively low volume of traffic, primarily consisting of light aircraft, including private planes and possibly small commercial or charter operations. The airport's activity would typically include flight training, recreational flying, and possibly some business-related flights.

For the most current information on the airport's activity levels, including any potential increases in flights or developments that might affect its busyness, it would be best to contact the airport directly or consult local sources such as the town of Covelo or Mendocino County's aviation department.