Reedley Municipal Airport (O32)

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Reedley Municipal Airport


4557 S Frankwood Ave, Reedley, CA 93654

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Reedley Municipal Airport

Reedley Municipal Airport, located in Reedley, California, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. These amenities include a well-maintained runway suitable for small to medium-sized aircraft, fueling services providing both Avgas and Jet A fuel, hangar rentals for aircraft storage, and tie-down spaces for visiting aircraft. The airport also features a pilot's lounge where pilots can relax and prepare for their flights, restrooms, and access to weather briefing facilities. Additionally, the airport is conveniently located near local dining and accommodation options, making it an ideal stop for pilots traveling through the Central Valley of California.

Reedley, California, nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, is a charming city known for its rich agricultural heritage and vibrant community. While it may not be as famous as some of California's bigger cities, Reedley offers a variety of activities and attractions that showcase its unique character and natural beauty. Here are the top five things to do in Reedley:

  1. Visit the Reedley Museum: Dive into the local history at the Reedley Museum. This museum offers a glimpse into the area's past, with exhibits that cover the city's development, agriculture, and the lives of its residents. It's a great way to understand the community and the forces that have shaped it.

  2. Explore the Kings River: The Kings River flows near Reedley, offering numerous recreational opportunities. You can enjoy activities such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or simply picnicking by the riverside. The river's natural beauty provides a serene backdrop for outdoor adventures or a peaceful day out.

  3. Attend the Reedley Street Faire: If your visit coincides with this annual event, you're in for a treat. The Reedley Street Faire, typically held in May, features a variety of vendors, live entertainment, food booths, and activities for all ages. It's a perfect occasion to experience the community spirit of Reedley and enjoy some local flavors and crafts.

  4. Check out the Reedley Opera House: For those who appreciate the performing arts, the Reedley Opera House presents a range of productions throughout the year. From musicals to plays and concerts, the Opera House is a cultural hub in the city, offering high-quality entertainment in a charming, intimate setting.

  5. Visit Hillcrest Farm: Experience Reedley's agricultural bounty firsthand at Hillcrest Farm. Depending on the season, you can pick your own fruit, including peaches, plums, and nectarines. It's a fun and educational activity for the whole family, offering insights into where our food comes from and the importance of agriculture in the region.

Reedley, with its welcoming atmosphere and diverse attractions, provides a unique slice of California life away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or local culture, Reedley has something to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reedley Municipal Airport

Reedley Municipal Airport is located in Reedley, California, United States. Reedley is a city in Fresno County, situated in the central part of the state in the San Joaquin Valley.

Reedley Municipal Airport (FAA LID: O32) is located in Reedley, California, a city in Fresno County. As of my last update, the airport is primarily used for general aviation. The surrounding area is characterized by a mix of agricultural land, residential areas, and some commercial development, typical of the Central Valley region of California. Reedley itself is a small city known for its agricultural production, including fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines.

Near Reedley Municipal Airport, you might find:

  1. Agricultural Fields: The region around Reedley is rich in agriculture, with numerous fields and orchards growing a variety of crops.

  2. Kings River: The airport is not far from the Kings River, which is a significant waterway in the area, providing irrigation for agriculture as well as recreational opportunities like fishing, boating, and water sports.

  3. Downtown Reedley: The city's downtown area, with local businesses, restaurants, and shops, is relatively close to the airport. Reedley College, a community college offering a wide range of academic and vocational programs, is also in the vicinity.

  4. Recreational Areas: There are several parks and recreational areas near Reedley, including the Reedley Beach Park, which is popular for picnics, swimming, and kayaking along the Kings River.

  5. Residential Areas: Surrounding the airport and throughout Reedley, there are residential neighborhoods where the local population lives.

  6. Educational Institutions: Besides Reedley College, the area has several public schools serving the community's educational needs.

The specifics of what is near Reedley Municipal Airport can change over time as new developments come in, but generally, the area blends agricultural, residential, and small-town commercial elements.

Reedley Municipal Airport (O32) is located approximately 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers) east of the central business district of Reedley, California. This distance makes it quite convenient for accessing the city center, offering a short drive or taxi ride for travelers.

As of my last update in 2023, Reedley Municipal Airport (FAA LID: O32) in Reedley, California, is a small public airport primarily used for general aviation. It does not have scheduled commercial airline service, and its activity levels are generally consistent with other small municipal airports, focusing on private flying, flight training, and occasionally light business use.

The airport's busyness can vary day by day, largely depending on weather conditions, local events, and pilot training schedules. Given its nature as a general aviation facility, it's unlikely to experience the high levels of traffic seen at larger commercial airports. For the most current information on its activity levels, it would be best to contact the airport directly or check with local aviation clubs or schools that might operate there.