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Placerville Airport


3501 Airport Rd #1, Placerville, CA 95667

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Placerville Airport

Placerville Airport, located in Placerville, California, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of both pilots and visitors. These amenities include a well-maintained runway, aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown), hangars for aircraft storage, and fuel services offering both Avgas and Jet A. The airport also provides pilot facilities such as a pilot lounge and briefing areas, restrooms, and access to weather information and flight planning resources. For convenience, there are car rental services and taxi services available upon request. The airport's proximity to local attractions and dining options makes it a convenient choice for travelers looking to explore the Placerville area.

Placerville, California, is a charming historic town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Known for its Gold Rush history, picturesque downtown, and proximity to outdoor adventures, Placerville offers a variety of activities for visitors. Here are the top five things to do in Placerville:

  1. Explore Historic Main Street - Placerville's Main Street is a vibrant hub of activity, featuring well-preserved buildings from the Gold Rush era. You can stroll through the area, enjoying the unique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Don't miss the Bell Tower, a historic landmark, and be sure to stop by some of the local wineries' tasting rooms located right on Main Street.

  2. Visit the Gold Bug Park & Mine - Experience the Gold Rush first-hand at the Gold Bug Park & Mine. You can take a self-guided audio tour of the Gold Bug Mine, explore the mining museum, and even try your hand at gold panning. The park also offers hiking trails and picnic areas, making it a great spot for a family outing.

  3. Enjoy the Outdoors at Apple Hill - Just a short drive from Placerville, Apple Hill is a must-visit, especially in the fall. This area is home to dozens of apple orchards, wineries, and farms. You can pick your own apples, taste fresh apple cider, and enjoy homemade pies and other treats. Many farms also offer additional activities like hayrides, corn mazes, and craft fairs.

  4. Take a Drive on the El Dorado County Scenic Byway - The El Dorado County Scenic Byway, also known as Highway 49, offers breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada and the American River. It's a beautiful drive that takes you through historic towns, past vineyards, and into the heart of Gold Country. There are plenty of spots to stop for hiking, picnicking, or simply enjoying the view.

  5. Visit the El Dorado County Historical Museum - To learn more about the rich history of Placerville and El Dorado County, visit the El Dorado County Historical Museum. The museum features exhibits on the Gold Rush, Native American history, early settlers, and the development of the region. It's a great way to gain insight into the area's past and its impact on California's history.

Placerville is a town that beautifully blends its historical roots with a vibrant present, making it a fascinating place to visit for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy the beauty and charm of Northern California.

Frequently Asked Questions about Placerville Airport

Placerville Airport, designated by the ICAO code KPVF and FAA LID PVF, is located in Placerville, California, United States. It is situated approximately 3 miles (5 km) east of the central business district of Placerville, a city in El Dorado County. The airport serves general aviation purposes and is owned by the County of El Dorado.

Placerville Airport, located in Placerville, California, is surrounded by a variety of attractions and amenities, though the specifics can change over time. As of my last update, here are some points of interest and facilities you might find near Placerville Airport:

  1. Outdoor Activities and Nature: The area around Placerville is known for its beautiful natural scenery and outdoor activities. There are numerous hiking trails, parks, and lakes nearby. The El Dorado National Forest is not far, offering extensive opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and exploring.

  2. Historic Sites: Placerville is in the heart of California's Gold Country, and the region is dotted with historic sites related to the Gold Rush era. Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, which commemorates the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill, is a short drive away.

  3. Wineries and Vineyards: The El Dorado County is renowned for its wineries and vineyards. The area around Placerville Airport is home to several wineries that offer tastings and tours, showcasing the region's rich wine-making tradition.

  4. Downtown Placerville: The historic downtown area of Placerville, with its charming Main Street, is not far from the airport. It features a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as periodic events and festivals that reflect the local culture and history.

  5. Apple Hill: Located a short drive from Placerville Airport, Apple Hill is a popular destination, especially in the fall. It's a region with numerous orchards, farms, and wineries, where visitors can enjoy apple picking, fresh apple products, and other seasonal activities.

  6. Recreational Facilities: The area around the airport offers various recreational facilities, including golf courses, parks, and sports complexes, catering to a wide range of interests and activities.

  7. Accommodations: There are several lodging options near Placerville Airport, from hotels and motels to bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals, accommodating a range of preferences and budgets.

Keep in mind that the availability of these attractions and amenities can change, so it's a good idea to check the current status and opening hours before planning your visit.

Placerville Airport (PVF), also known as Placerville Municipal Airport, is located approximately 3 miles (about 4.8 kilometers) east of the city center of Placerville, California. This distance makes it quite convenient for travelers looking to access the city or the surrounding areas.

Placerville Airport (ICAO: KPVF, FAA LID: PVF), located in Placerville, California, is a public airport primarily used for general aviation. specific details regarding the number of flights or the level of busyness on a daily or annual basis were not readily available. General aviation airports like Placerville Airport typically serve a mix of private pilots, flight training, and small charter operations, rather than scheduled commercial airline services.

The level of activity at such airports can vary widely based on factors like the local economy, the season, and any events that might be taking place in the area. For the most current information on the airport's activity levels, it would be best to contact the airport directly or consult recent flight data if available.