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Needles Airport


711 Airport Rd, Needles, CA 92363

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Needles Airport

Needles Airport, located in Needles, California, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of pilots and passengers alike. The airport features a well-maintained runway suitable for small to medium-sized aircraft, fueling services including both Avgas and Jet A fuel, and ample parking for both aircraft and vehicles. For pilot and passenger convenience, there is a terminal building with restrooms, a pilots' lounge for relaxation and flight planning, and vending machines for snacks and beverages. Additionally, the airport provides tie-down services for visiting aircraft and has on-site maintenance facilities to address minor repairs and servicing needs.

Needles, California, is a small city located in the Mojave Desert, near the borders of Arizona and Nevada. Despite its size, Needles offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and historical sites. Here are the top five things to do when visiting Needles:

  1. Visit the Mojave National Preserve: Just a short drive from Needles, the Mojave National Preserve offers stunning landscapes, including canyons, mountains, and vast sand dunes. It's a great place for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. Don't miss the chance to see the Joshua trees, for which this part of the desert is famous.

  2. Explore the Colorado River: Needles is located on the banks of the Colorado River, providing ample opportunities for water-based activities. You can go boating, fishing, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the river. There are also several local companies that offer jet ski rentals and guided tours.

  3. Visit the Route 66 Museum: Needles is one of the many towns situated along the historic Route 66. The Route 66 Museum in Needles offers visitors a glimpse into the past, showcasing the history and culture of this iconic highway. It's a must-visit for history buffs and anyone interested in the American road trip culture.

  4. Golfing at Rivers Edge Golf Course: Enjoy a round of golf at the Rivers Edge Golf Course, which offers beautiful views of the Colorado River and the surrounding desert landscape. The course is well-maintained and provides a challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

  5. Hike to the Needles Eye: For those who enjoy hiking, a trip to the Needles Eye is highly recommended. This natural rock formation resembles the eye of a needle and provides spectacular views of the surrounding area. The hike to the Needles Eye is relatively easy, making it suitable for most fitness levels.

While Needles may not be as well-known as other California destinations, it offers a unique desert experience and a chance to enjoy the great outdoors away from the crowds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Needles Airport

Needles Airport is located in Needles, California, United States. It serves the city of Needles and the surrounding areas in San Bernardino County, near the borders with Arizona and Nevada. The airport is primarily used for general aviation.

Needles Airport (EED) is located in San Bernardino County, California, near the city of Needles. This area is known for its desert landscape and proximity to the Colorado River, making it a popular spot for water sports and outdoor activities. The airport itself is a small, public-use facility primarily serving general aviation.

Near Needles Airport, you can find several attractions and points of interest, including:

  1. The Colorado River: A major river in the Southwest, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming.
  2. Route 66: Needles is one of the cities along the historic Route 66, providing a glimpse into the classic American road trip culture with various vintage and historic sites.
  3. Mojave National Preserve: A vast area of desert landscape featuring canyons, mountains, and mesas. It's a great place for hiking, camping, and exploring the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert.
  4. Havasu National Wildlife Refuge: Located north of Needles, this refuge protects a stretch of the lower Colorado River, offering habitats for a variety of wildlife and birds. It's a good spot for bird watching and enjoying serene natural landscapes.
  5. Oatman, Arizona: A historic ghost town known for its wild burros roaming the streets and its old West-style gunfights. It's a short drive from Needles and offers a unique glimpse into the area's mining history.
  6. Lake Havasu City: Although a bit farther away, Lake Havasu City is known for the London Bridge, relocated from England, and its recreational activities on Lake Havasu.

The immediate vicinity of the airport is relatively sparse, with more industrial and service-oriented businesses catering to the needs of the airport and its users. For more extensive services, shopping, dining, and lodging, the city of Needles and surrounding communities provide a range of options.

As of my last update, Needles Airport (EED) is located approximately 5 miles (about 8 kilometers) southwest of the central business district of Needles, California. However, for the most accurate and current information, it's always best to check a reliable map or navigation service.

Needles Airport (EED) in Needles, California, is a small, non-towered airport primarily serving general aviation. It does not have scheduled commercial airline service. The airport is used for a mix of activities including private flying, flight training, and occasionally, air taxi and charter services. Given its focus on general aviation and its location in a relatively remote area of California, near the borders with Arizona and Nevada, Needles Airport is not considered a busy airport, especially when compared to major commercial airports.

The level of activity at such airports can vary seasonally and depending on specific events or activities in the region. For the most current information on operations or activity levels at Needles Airport, it would be best to contact the airport directly or consult recent flight data if available.