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1434 Flight Line, Mojave, CA 93501

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Mojave Airport

Mojave Airport, officially known as Mojave Air and Space Port, offers a range of amenities catering to both aviation and aerospace industries. The airport features extensive hangar space, aircraft maintenance and manufacturing facilities, and a dedicated spaceport for commercial spaceflight operations. It also provides pilot training areas, a control tower for air traffic management, and fueling services. For visitors and employees, there are conference rooms, a restaurant, and viewing areas to observe aircraft and space vehicle activities. The airport's unique position in the industry also allows for research and development activities, making it a hub for innovation in aviation and space exploration.

Mojave, California, is a small town located in the Mojave Desert, known for its rich aerospace history and stunning desert landscapes. Here are the top five things to do when visiting Mojave:

  1. Mojave Air and Space Port: This is not your typical airport; it's a hub for commercial space travel and innovative aerospace research. The Mojave Air and Space Port is home to companies like Virgin Galactic, Stratolaunch, and more. While there, you can visit the Voyager Restaurant for a meal with a view of the runway, where you might catch a glimpse of unique aircraft or even a space vehicle test.

  2. Mojave East Park: For those looking to enjoy the outdoors, Mojave East Park offers a nice setting for picnics, leisurely walks, and sports activities. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy the desert scenery.

  3. Tehachapi Loop: While technically not in Mojave, the Tehachapi Loop is a short drive away and is a must-see for train enthusiasts. This engineering marvel is a spiral, or loop, through which trains climb a steep grade without the need for tunnels or bridges. It's one of the most famous railroad spots in the world and offers a unique spectacle as long trains wind their way through the loop.

  4. Kelso Depot and Mojave National Preserve: Although a bit of a drive, visiting the Mojave National Preserve provides an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the desert. The Kelso Depot, an old train station now serving as a visitor center, is a good starting point to learn about the area's history and ecology. The Preserve offers stunning landscapes, hiking trails, and the chance to see wildlife.

  5. Wind Turbine and Solar Farm Tours: The area around Mojave is known for its renewable energy projects, including vast wind turbine fields and solar farms. While there might not be formal tours available for all these sites, driving through the areas where these projects are located offers a glimpse into the future of energy. The sight of hundreds of wind turbines against the desert backdrop is both surreal and beautiful.

When visiting Mojave, always be prepared for the desert environment. Carry plenty of water, use sun protection, and be aware of the weather conditions, as temperatures can vary widely between day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mojave Airport

Mojave Airport, officially known as Mojave Air and Space Port, is located in Mojave, California. It is situated in the Antelope Valley of the western Mojave Desert, approximately 80 miles north of Los Angeles. This facility is well-known for its role in commercial space flight and aerospace testing, as well as for being a storage site for commercial airliners.

Mojave Air and Space Port, located in Mojave, California, is surrounded by a variety of interesting sites and facilities, reflecting its unique position in the aerospace industry. here are some notable places and features near Mojave Airport:

  1. Scaled Composites: This aerospace company, founded by Burt Rutan, is known for its innovative designs and has its facilities at the Mojave Air and Space Port. It's famous for developing SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded spacecraft to enter space.

  2. Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson's company, which aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to tourists, has conducted test flights and operations from Mojave. Their presence signifies the area's importance in commercial spaceflight development.

  3. Stratolaunch Systems: This company, founded by Paul Allen, has developed the world's largest airplane by wingspan, intended to launch rockets into space. Its operations and test flights are based out of Mojave.

  4. Mojave Desert: The airport is situated in the Mojave Desert, known for its extreme temperatures and unique desert landscapes. The desert environment provides an ideal backdrop for testing and developing aerospace technology due to its remote location and clear skies.

  5. Edwards Air Force Base: Located northeast of Mojave Airport, this is a major U.S. Air Force base with a long history of aerospace testing and development, including the X-15 rocket plane and the Space Shuttle.

  6. The National Test Pilot School: The only civilian test pilot school in the United States is located at the Mojave Air and Space Port. It offers programs and courses for aspiring test pilots and flight test engineers.

  7. SpaceShip Company: A manufacturer of space vehicles, notably those used by Virgin Galactic for its space tourism business. It's another example of the aerospace industry's significant presence in Mojave.

  8. Cemetery of Forgotten Jets: An informal name for an area within the airport where old aircraft, including military jets and commercial planes, are stored or scrapped. It's a visual testament to the aviation history and the lifecycle of aircraft.

These points of interest highlight Mojave Air and Space Port's role as a hub for aerospace innovation, testing, and development, contributing to its reputation as a center for private spaceflight and advanced aerospace research.

The Mojave Air and Space Port, commonly referred to as Mojave Airport, is located in Mojave, California. The distance from the airport to the center of Mojave is approximately 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers). This makes it very close to the town center, easily accessible by local roads. Mojave is a small town, so distances within it are relatively short.

Mojave Air and Space Port, located in Mojave, California, is a bustling hub for aerospace development, testing, and commercial spaceflight activities. While it may not have the high volume of passenger traffic seen at commercial airports, it is extremely busy in terms of research and development, aircraft storage, and the testing of experimental and innovative aerospace technologies.

The airport is renowned for hosting a variety of aerospace companies, including Virgin Galactic, Stratolaunch Systems, and The Spaceship Company, among others. These companies are involved in the development and testing of spacecraft and aviation technology, including manned spaceflight missions, satellite launch vehicles, and experimental aircraft.

Mojave Air and Space Port also serves as a location for aircraft storage and maintenance, taking advantage of the dry desert climate which is ideal for preserving aircraft. Additionally, it is a popular site for the filming of movies and commercials due to its unique landscape and aviation facilities.

The level of activity at Mojave Air and Space Port can vary depending on the projects underway at any given time. Periods of intense testing and launches may see increased activity, while at other times, the pace may be slower. However, the airport's focus on cutting-edge aerospace development and testing ensures that it remains a significant and busy location within the aerospace industry.