Kern Valley Airport (L05)

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Kern Valley Airport


10649 Sierra Way, Kernville, CA 93238

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Kern Valley Airport

Kern Valley Airport, located in the scenic Kern River Valley, offers a range of amenities for pilots and visitors alike. The airport features a well-maintained runway suitable for small to medium-sized aircraft, fuel services (including both avgas and jet fuel), and ample parking for both aircraft and vehicles. For those looking to stay a bit longer, there are camping facilities available on-site, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The airport also boasts a pilot's lounge, providing a comfortable space for relaxation and briefings. Additionally, the proximity to the Kern River and Lake Isabella offers recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating, and hiking, making it a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Kernville, California, is a charming town nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor activities, and rich history. Whether you're an adventure seeker, nature lover, or history enthusiast, Kernville has something to offer. Here are the top five things to do in Kernville:

  1. Whitewater Rafting on the Kern River: The Kern River is famous for its exhilarating whitewater rafting opportunities. With rapids ranging from Class II to Class V, there's something for every level of adventurer. Several local companies offer guided rafting trips, providing a thrilling way to experience the river's beauty and power.

  2. Hiking in the Sequoia National Forest: Surrounding Kernville, the Sequoia National Forest offers countless trails for hikers of all skill levels. Explore the majestic giant sequoias, stunning mountain vistas, and serene meadows. Popular trails include the Cannell Meadow Trail and the Trail of 100 Giants, which is a bit further away but worth the drive.

  3. Fishing in the Kern River: The Kern River is renowned for its excellent trout fishing. Whether you're a fly fisherman or prefer spinning gear, the river offers abundant opportunities to catch rainbow and brown trout. Remember to check the local fishing regulations and obtain a California fishing license.

  4. Visiting the Kern Valley Museum: To learn about the rich history of the Kern River Valley, including its Native American heritage, gold rush era, and early settlers, visit the Kern Valley Museum in Kernville. The museum features a variety of exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the area's past.

  5. Enjoying Lake Isabella: Just a short drive from Kernville, Lake Isabella offers a wide range of recreational activities, including boating, windsurfing, fishing, and camping. The lake's scenic beauty makes it a perfect spot for picnicking and photography. There are also several campgrounds around the lake for those wishing to extend their stay.

These activities highlight the diverse attractions Kernville has to offer, making it a fantastic destination for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and history of California's Sierra Nevada region.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kern Valley Airport

Kern Valley Airport is located in Kernville, California, United States. It serves the Kern River Valley area and is situated in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. The airport is used for general aviation purposes.

Kern Valley Airport (IATA: L05), located in Kernville, California, is surrounded by a variety of attractions and natural landscapes, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and aviation hobbyists. Some of the notable places and activities near Kern Valley Airport include:

  1. Lake Isabella: This large reservoir is a short drive from the airport and offers a wide range of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, windsurfing, and camping.

  2. Sequoia National Forest: The airport is situated on the edge of this vast national forest, which is home to giant sequoias, stunning mountain landscapes, and a variety of wildlife. It offers numerous hiking trails, camping sites, and scenic drives.

  3. The Kern River: Flowing near the airport, the Kern River is renowned for its excellent whitewater rafting, kayaking, and fishing opportunities. The river also has areas suitable for swimming and picnicking.

  4. Trail of 100 Giants: Although a bit of a drive from the airport, this easy, accessible trail offers a close-up view of some of the largest and oldest trees in the world - the giant sequoias.

  5. Silver City Ghost Town: Located in nearby Bodfish, this historical site offers a glimpse into the area's mining and old west history through a collection of preserved and restored buildings.

  6. Kernville: The town itself, close to the airport, is quaint and offers dining, shopping, and lodging options. It has a rich history linked to the gold rush era and is the gateway to many outdoor activities in the region.

  7. Kern River Valley Historical Society: For those interested in the local history, this museum in Kernville provides insights into the area's past, including Native American history, gold mining, and early settlement.

  8. Mountain Biking and Hiking: The area around Kern Valley Airport is crisscrossed with trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking, offering stunning views and challenging terrain.

  9. Camping and RV Parks: There are numerous camping and RV sites in the vicinity of the airport, catering to visitors looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Kern River Valley.

  10. Annual Events: Kernville and the surrounding area host several annual events, including the Kern River Valley Sky Fair at the airport, the Kernville Fat Tire Festival, and the Whiskey Flat Days festival, celebrating the region's history and community spirit.

Kern Valley Airport itself is a hub for general aviation and offers services for pilots and visitors, including aircraft parking and fuel. The airport and its surrounding area are a draw for those interested in aviation as well as outdoor activities.

Kern Valley Airport (IATA: L05) is located in Kernville, California. The distance from Kern Valley Airport to the center of Kernville is approximately 3 miles (about 4.8 kilometers). However, the distance can vary slightly depending on the specific starting or ending points within the city center you are considering.

Kern Valley Airport (IATA: IYK, ICAO: KL17), located in Kernville, California, is a public airport primarily serving general aviation. As of my last update in 2023, it does not have scheduled commercial airline service but is used for general aviation, including private flights, flight training, and recreational flying.

The level of busyness at Kern Valley Airport can vary depending on several factors such as the time of year, weather conditions, and any events that might be taking place in the area. Given its nature as a general aviation airport, it is likely less busy compared to major commercial airports. However, it can still experience periods of increased activity, especially during weekends or flying events.

For the most current information on the airport's activity levels, it would be best to contact the airport directly or check with local aviation clubs or organizations that might use the facility.