Firebaugh Airport (F34)

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Firebaugh Airport


1011 12th St, Firebaugh, CA 93622

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Firebaugh Airport

Frequently Asked Questions about Firebaugh Airport

Firebaugh Airport is located in Firebaugh, California, United States. It serves the local area and is used for general aviation purposes.

Firebaugh Airport (FAA LID: F34) is a public airport located in Firebaugh, California, in Fresno County. The area around Firebaugh Airport is primarily agricultural, reflecting the region's strong emphasis on farming and agribusiness. Firebaugh itself is a small city within the Central Valley of California, an area known for its significant contribution to the state's agricultural output.

Near Firebaugh Airport, you would find:

  1. Agricultural Lands: The surrounding area is predominantly agricultural, with fields of various crops depending on the season. This might include almonds, tomatoes, cotton, and other crops typical to the Central Valley.

  2. The City of Firebaugh: The airport is near the city of Firebaugh, which offers basic amenities such as restaurants, stores, and accommodations. Firebaugh is a small community, so while it provides essentials, it might not offer the breadth of services found in larger cities.

  3. San Joaquin River: The San Joaquin River is relatively close, providing natural scenery and potentially outdoor recreational activities such as fishing or bird watching, depending on public access points and regulations.

  4. Highway 33: This highway runs through Firebaugh, facilitating access to the airport and connecting the city to other parts of Fresno County and beyond.

  5. Other Small Towns and Communities: The Central Valley is dotted with small towns and communities, each with its own local charm. Exploring these can provide insight into rural Californian life.

  6. Agricultural Centers and Research Facilities: Given the region's agricultural focus, there might be various agricultural research centers or extension services in the vicinity, aimed at supporting the local farming industry.

It's important to note that specific attractions or facilities near Firebaugh Airport could change over time, so it's a good idea to check the latest information if you're planning a visit or looking for specific services or attractions in the area.

As of my last update, Firebaugh Airport (FAA LID: F34) is located approximately 2 miles west of the central business district of Firebaugh, California. However, for the most accurate and current distance, I recommend checking a reliable mapping service or contacting local authorities in Firebaugh, as infrastructure and city layouts can change.

As of my last update in September 2021, Firebaugh Airport (FAA LID: F34) in Firebaugh, California, is a small, public-use airport. It primarily serves general aviation and is not a commercial or passenger airport. The level of activity at such airports can vary widely based on the local economy, the season, and specific events that might increase general aviation traffic. However, without real-time data or recent statistics, it's difficult to provide a current assessment of how busy Firebaugh Airport is.

General aviation airports like Firebaugh typically handle a mix of flight training, private flying, and occasionally, small business aviation. They are not as busy as commercial airports, and their traffic is more sporadic and less predictable. For the most current information on the airport's activity, it would be best to contact the airport directly or consult local sources.