Auburn Municipal Airport (AUN)

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Auburn Municipal Airport


2409 Rickenbacker Way, Auburn, CA 95602

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Auburn Municipal Airport

Auburn Municipal Airport, located in Auburn, Washington, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of pilots, passengers, and aviation enthusiasts. These amenities include a well-maintained runway, aircraft parking (tie-down) spaces, hangar rentals for aircraft storage, a self-service fuel station providing both Avgas and Jet A fuel, and a pilot lounge equipped with rest areas and flight planning resources. Additionally, the airport hosts maintenance facilities capable of performing aircraft repairs and inspections, a flight school for those interested in learning to fly, and car rental services for convenient ground transportation. The airport's close proximity to local dining and shopping options further enhances the convenience for visitors and aviation professionals alike.

Auburn, California, is a charming and historic city located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Known for its rich Gold Rush history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant community, Auburn offers a variety of activities for visitors and locals alike. Here are the top five things to do in Auburn:

  1. Explore Old Town Auburn: Old Town Auburn is the heart of the city's historic district, where you can step back in time and experience the Gold Rush era. Wander through the quaint streets lined with antique shops, art galleries, and restaurants housed in beautifully preserved buildings. Don't miss the iconic Placer County Courthouse and the Old Town Firehouse. The area also hosts several events throughout the year, including the famous Auburn Art Walk.

  2. Visit the Placer County Museum: Located in the historic Placer County Courthouse in Old Town Auburn, the Placer County Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the area's history. The museum features exhibits on the Gold Rush, Native American culture, and the development of Placer County. Admission is free, making it a great educational outing for the whole family.

  3. Hike or Bike the Auburn State Recreation Area: For outdoor enthusiasts, the Auburn State Recreation Area is a must-visit. Covering 40 miles along the North and Middle Forks of the American River, the area offers a wide range of recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and whitewater rafting. The trails offer stunning views of the Sierra foothills and the rivers below. Popular trails include the Lake Clementine Trail and the Quarry Trail.

  4. Enjoy the Wine and Craft Beer Scene: Auburn has developed a vibrant wine and craft beer scene, with several wineries and breweries in and around the city. Take a tour of the local vineyards, enjoy tastings, and discover your new favorite wine or craft beer. Some popular spots include the Auburn Alehouse, Moonraker Brewing Co., and Mt. Vernon Winery.

  5. Participate in Local Events and Festivals: Auburn is known for its community spirit and hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the Auburn Spring Home Show, the Gold Country Fair, the Festival of Lights Parade, and the Auburn Art Walk, among others. These events offer a great way to experience the local culture, cuisine, and community.

Whether you're interested in history, outdoor adventures, or local culture, Auburn, California, has something to offer everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Auburn Municipal Airport

Auburn Municipal Airport, designated by the ICAO code S50, is located in Auburn, Washington, United States. It serves the general aviation community, providing facilities for private pilots, small aircraft operations, and various aviation services. Auburn is a city situated in King County, within the Seattle metropolitan area.

Auburn Municipal Airport (S50) is located in Auburn, Washington, USA. The area surrounding the airport includes a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Nearby, you can find several amenities and attractions, including:

  1. The Outlet Collection Seattle: A large outlet mall located in Auburn, offering a variety of stores and eateries.

  2. Emerald Downs: A thoroughbred racetrack that hosts live racing events and is a popular entertainment destination in the area.

  3. Muckleshoot Casino: A large casino offering gaming, dining, and entertainment options, located relatively close to the airport.

  4. Pacific Raceways: A motorsport facility that hosts drag racing, road racing, and other motorsport events, not too far from Auburn.

  5. Green River: The river is nearby, offering outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, and scenic walks along its banks.

  6. Auburn Golf Course: A public golf course offering 18 holes of play with beautiful views and a challenging layout for golfers of all skill levels.

  7. White River Valley Museum: A museum that provides insights into the local history, culture, and art of the Auburn area and the greater Puget Sound region.

  8. Auburn Environmental Park: Offers walking trails and opportunities for bird watching and enjoying nature.

The city of Auburn itself provides a range of services, shopping, dining, and lodging options. The proximity of the airport to Interstate 5 and State Route 167 makes it easily accessible and provides a good starting point for exploring the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

Auburn Municipal Airport (S50), located in Auburn, Washington, is approximately 2 to 3 miles northeast of the city center of Auburn. The exact distance can vary slightly depending on the specific starting or ending points within the city center and the airport premises.

Auburn Municipal Airport (S50), located in Auburn, Washington, is a general aviation airport that primarily serves small, private aircraft, including single-engine planes, light twins, helicopters, and occasionally small business jets. While it may not be as busy as major commercial airports, it is quite active within its category, catering to a variety of activities including flight training, recreational flying, and some business aviation.

The airport is home to several aviation-related businesses, including flight schools, maintenance facilities, and aircraft storage. These businesses contribute to the airport's traffic, with student pilots performing training flights and aircraft owners taking off for recreational or business trips. Additionally, the airport may host community events, fly-ins, and other aviation-related activities that can increase its busyness on certain days.

However, without specific data on the number of takeoffs and landings per day or year, it's difficult to quantify exactly how busy Auburn Municipal Airport is. The level of activity can vary widely depending on the day of the week, weather conditions, and time of year. Generally, airports like Auburn Municipal are busiest during weekends and the summer months when the weather is more conducive to flying.

For the most current and detailed information on the airport's activity levels, it would be best to contact the airport directly or consult recent traffic statistics if available.