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Falcon Field


4800 E Falcon Dr, Mesa, AZ 85215

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Falcon Field

Falcon Field, a municipal airport located in Mesa, Arizona, offers a range of amenities designed to accommodate the needs of both pilots and visitors. These amenities include a modern terminal building with comfortable waiting areas, pilot lounges for relaxation and pre-flight planning, conference rooms for business meetings, and free Wi-Fi throughout the facility. For aircraft, there are maintenance services available on-site, fueling services (including Avgas and Jet A), and ample hangar space as well as tie-downs for aircraft storage. The airport also hosts a variety of aviation-related businesses, including flight schools, charter services, and an aviation museum, providing a comprehensive aviation experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Frequently Asked Questions about Falcon Field

Falcon Field is located in Mesa, Arizona, United States. It serves as a general aviation airport primarily used for flight training, corporate flights, and recreational flying. Falcon Field has a rich history, dating back to its origins as a training field for British Royal Air Force pilots during World War II.

Falcon Field is located in Mesa, Arizona, and is surrounded by a variety of attractions, amenities, and facilities. The specifics of what is near Falcon Field can vary over time as new developments occur, but generally, the area around Falcon Field includes:

  1. Commemorative Air Force Museum: This museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of military aviation history, offering visitors a chance to see vintage aircraft up close.

  2. Mesa Historical Museum: Although not immediately adjacent, it's relatively close and offers insights into the local history of Mesa and the surrounding area.

  3. Golf Courses: There are several golf courses near Falcon Field, providing options for golf enthusiasts. These include Alta Mesa Golf Club, Red Mountain Ranch Country Club, and Longbow Golf Club, among others.

  4. Outdoor Recreation: The area around Falcon Field is close to several parks and recreational areas, including Usery Mountain Regional Park, which offers hiking, camping, and archery, and the Salt River, popular for tubing and water activities.

  5. Shopping and Dining: There are various shopping centers and dining options in the vicinity, offering everything from casual to fine dining, as well as shopping from local and national retailers.

  6. Educational Institutions: Nearby educational facilities include higher education institutions and training centers, some of which may offer aviation-related programs given the proximity to Falcon Field.

  7. Residential Areas: The area around Falcon Field includes a mix of residential communities, offering housing options for those who wish to live near the airport.

  8. Business and Industrial Parks: Given its nature as an airport primarily serving general aviation, Falcon Field is surrounded by several business and industrial parks that cater to aviation-related businesses, manufacturing, and technology companies.

Keep in mind that the specifics can change, and new attractions or facilities might have been developed after my last update. It's always a good idea to check the most current local resources or maps for the latest information.

Falcon Field can refer to several locations, but one of the most well-known is Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, Arizona. To provide an accurate distance from Falcon Field to the city center, it's important to specify which city center you're referring to. If you're asking about the distance from Falcon Field Airport to the center of Mesa, Arizona, it's approximately 6 to 8 miles, depending on the route taken and the specific destination point in downtown Mesa. However, if you're referring to a different Falcon Field or a different city center, please provide more details for a precise answer.

Falcon Field, located in Mesa, Arizona, is a general aviation airport that serves a variety of aviation needs including private, corporate, instructional, and recreational flying. The level of busyness at Falcon Field can vary depending on several factors such as the time of year, day of the week, and specific events or activities taking place at or near the airport.

As a general aviation airport, Falcon Field does not handle commercial airline traffic, which means its operations are primarily composed of smaller, private aircraft. The airport is home to flight schools, aviation maintenance and repair operations, and several aviation-related businesses, contributing to its daily activity levels.

Falcon Field is also a base for medical evacuation flights, law enforcement operations, and occasionally, military training exercises, all of which can influence how busy the airport is at any given time. Additionally, the airport hosts community events and aviation-related gatherings that can increase traffic temporarily.

Given its diverse range of services and its role in the local aviation community, Falcon Field can be quite busy, especially during peak flight training seasons and when favorable weather conditions attract more recreational flying. However, without specific data on flight operations or traffic patterns for a given period, it's challenging to provide a precise measure of its busyness. For the most accurate and current information, contacting Falcon Field directly or referring to recent traffic statistics would be advisable.