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The Gulfstream IV, also known as the G-IV or GIV, is a twinjet aircraft primarily used for private or business jet flights



Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV, also known as the G-IV or GIV, is a twinjet aircraft primarily used for private or business jet flights. Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, a division of General Dynamics, it was introduced in 1987. The G-IV is a significant advancement over its predecessor, the Gulfstream III, featuring improved aerodynamics, increased fuel capacity, and upgraded engines, which contribute to its longer range and higher speed. It can accommodate up to 19 passengers and has a range of approximately 4,800 nautical miles. The Gulfstream IV series includes the GIV, GIV-SP, and G400, each variant offering enhancements in performance and comfort.


Gulfstream IV






4212 nautical miles




505 knots


505 knots


5280 feet

The Gulfstream IV (GIV) is a twinjet aircraft that is widely recognized for its luxury, performance, and reliability in the world of private aviation. While specific amenities can vary based on the owner's customization, there are several key features that are generally considered important for the Gulfstream IV, making it a preferred choice for business and leisure travel. The top 5 most important amenities typically found or desired in a Gulfstream IV include:

  1. Advanced Avionics Suite: The Gulfstream IV is equipped with a sophisticated avionics suite that enhances flight safety and navigation. This includes systems for weather radar, collision-avoidance, and enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS), ensuring a safe and smooth flight experience.

  2. Spacious and Luxurious Cabin: The cabin of the Gulfstream IV is designed for comfort and luxury, often featuring plush seating, high-quality materials, and customizable layouts. It can accommodate up to 19 passengers, with sleeping arrangements for several people, making it ideal for long-haul flights.

  3. In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity: High-speed internet, satellite communication, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system are crucial for passengers who wish to stay connected or be entertained throughout their journey. This includes Wi-Fi, satellite phones, and entertainment systems for watching movies or listening to music.

  4. Enhanced Range and Performance: The Gulfstream IV is known for its long-range capabilities, able to fly non-stop over distances of up to 4,800 miles (7,820 kilometers) at high speeds. This makes it an excellent choice for international travel, reducing the need for stopovers and enabling more direct routes.

  5. Galley and Lavatory Facilities: A fully equipped galley allows for the preparation of hot and cold meals, enhancing the in-flight experience with fine dining options. Additionally, well-appointed lavatory facilities are essential for comfort, especially on longer flights.

These amenities, combined with the Gulfstream IV's reputation for reliability and performance, make it a highly sought-after aircraft in the private aviation sector.


Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV is a jet with a cruising speed of 581 miles per hour and range of up to 4847 miles

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV has a range of approximately 4212 nautical miles.

The Gulfstream IV can comfortably accommodate up to 14 passengers.

The cruising speed of the Gulfstream IV is around 505 knots.

The Gulfstream IV (or GIV) and its derivatives, such as the GIV-SP (G400), are part of a family of private jet aircraft produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. When comparing the Gulfstream IV to other jets in its class, several factors come into play, including range, speed, cabin size, and technology. Here's a general comparison based on these criteria:

  1. Range and Performance: The Gulfstream IV has a maximum range of approximately 4,300 nautical miles (7,964 kilometers) with 8 passengers, which is competitive within its class, allowing for transatlantic flights without refueling. Its cruising speed is around Mach 0.80. Jets in its class, such as the Bombardier Global Express and Dassault Falcon 900, offer varying ranges and speeds, with some newer models offering longer ranges and slightly higher cruising speeds.

  2. Cabin Size and Comfort: The GIV offers a spacious and luxurious cabin, which is a hallmark of Gulfstream design. It typically accommodates up to 13-15 passengers, with configurations that include sleeping arrangements for several passengers. The cabin is designed for comfort and productivity, featuring advanced noise reduction, ample natural light, and high-quality cabin materials. Competitors also offer luxurious cabins, but Gulfstream is often praised for its attention to detail and cabin comfort.

  3. Technology and Avionics: When introduced, the Gulfstream IV featured advanced avionics and systems for its time, including the Collins Pro Line avionics suite. Over the years, Gulfstream has updated the GIV series with enhanced avionics and cockpit technology. However, newer aircraft models from Gulfstream and other manufacturers now feature more advanced technology, including fly-by-wire controls, enhanced vision systems, and more sophisticated flight management systems.

  4. Operating Costs and Reliability: The GIV series is known for its reliability and durability, with many aircraft still in operation today. However, as an older model, the GIV may have higher operating costs compared to newer jets due to less fuel-efficient engines and the need for more frequent maintenance. Newer aircraft models in its class may offer better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs due to advancements in engine technology and materials.

  5. Market and Resale Value: The Gulfstream IV has been a popular choice in the pre-owned market due to its performance, cabin comfort, and brand reputation. However, as with any older aircraft, its resale value is influenced by market conditions, aircraft condition, and the availability of newer, more advanced models.

In summary, while the Gulfstream IV was a pioneering and highly regarded aircraft in its time, offering a blend of range, speed, and luxury that was competitive with its peers, advancements in aviation technology mean that newer aircraft may offer improvements in efficiency, technology, and comfort. However, the GIV still holds a place in the market for those looking for a reliable, luxurious long-range business jet at a potentially lower entry cost compared to newer models.