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The Beechcraft Hawker 800 is a mid-size, twin-engine business jet originally developed by British Aerospace as the BAe 125-800 series before being produced by Hawker Beechcraft



Beechcraft Hawker 800

The Beechcraft Hawker 800 is a mid-size, twin-engine business jet originally developed by British Aerospace as the BAe 125-800 series before being produced by Hawker Beechcraft. It is an evolution of the earlier 700 series, offering improved performance and more space. The aircraft features a spacious cabin, capable of accommodating up to 8 passengers in a comfortable setting, making it popular for corporate travel. It is powered by two Garrett TFE731 engines, providing a balance of fuel efficiency and speed, with a range of approximately 2,900 nautical miles. The Hawker 800 is known for its reliability, versatility, and comfort, making it a favored choice in the business aviation sector.


Beechcraft Hawker 800






2900 nautical miles




400 knots


400 knots


5600 feet

The Beechcraft Hawker 800, a mid-size twinjet corporate aircraft, is known for its blend of comfort, range, and speed. While specific amenities can vary based on the aircraft's configuration and the owner's preferences, the following are generally considered among the top 5 most important amenities for passengers and operators:

  1. Cabin Comfort and Configuration: The Hawker 800 offers a spacious cabin with a typical configuration accommodating eight passengers. The cabin is designed for comfort and functionality, featuring swivel and reclining leather seats, divans, and ample legroom. The interior can be customized to include worktables, making it conducive for business meetings or relaxation.

  2. Galley Facilities: A well-equipped galley is essential for serving hot and cold beverages, snacks, or even full gourmet meals during flights. The galley typically includes microwave ovens, coffee makers, refrigeration units, and ample storage for catering supplies, enhancing the overall travel experience.

  3. Lavatory: A private lavatory is a crucial amenity for passenger comfort, especially on longer flights. The Hawker 800 usually features an enclosed lavatory, often located at the rear of the cabin, equipped with flushing toilets, a sink, and vanity, ensuring privacy and convenience.

  4. In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity: Modern Hawker 800s are often retrofitted or originally equipped with advanced in-flight entertainment systems, including high-speed Wi-Fi, satellite phones, and multimedia capabilities. This allows passengers to stay connected, work, or relax with movies and music during their journey.

  5. Baggage Capacity: For business and leisure travelers alike, generous baggage capacity is essential. The Hawker 800 offers a sizable baggage compartment that is accessible during flight, allowing passengers to store and retrieve their belongings easily. This feature is particularly important for longer trips or those requiring additional equipment and luggage.

These amenities combine to make the Beechcraft Hawker 800 a popular choice for business and private aviation, offering a blend of luxury, efficiency, and performance.


Beechcraft Hawker 800

Beechcraft Hawker 800

The Beechcraft Hawker 800 is a jet with a max speed of 460 miles per hour and range of up to 3337 miles

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beechcraft Hawker 800

The Beechcraft Hawker 800 has a range of approximately 2900 nautical miles.

The Beechcraft Hawker 800 can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers.

The cruising speed of the Beechcraft Hawker 800 is around 400 knots.

The Beechcraft Hawker 800, part of the mid-size business jet category, is a development of the British Aerospace BAe 125, and was produced by Hawker Beechcraft. It has been a popular choice in the business aviation sector due to its blend of range, comfort, and reliability. To provide a comprehensive comparison, we'll look at several key aspects: performance, cabin comfort, operating costs, and versatility.


The Hawker 800 and its variants, including the 800XP, are known for their robust performance. They typically have a range of around 2,900 nautical miles with four passengers, which is competitive within its class. The aircraft is powered by two Honeywell TFE731 engines, offering a balance of efficiency and power. In comparison, jets like the Cessna Citation XLS and the Bombardier Learjet 60 have similar or slightly varied performance metrics, with differences in speed, range, and runway requirements based on specific models and configurations.

Cabin Comfort

The Hawker 800 series is renowned for its spacious cabin, which is one of the widest in its class, providing more room for passengers to move around and relax. The typical configuration seats eight passengers comfortably, with some layouts accommodating up to 13. The cabin also features stand-up headroom, a galley, and a full lavatory, enhancing passenger comfort on longer flights. Competitors like the Citation XLS and Learjet 60 offer different cabin experiences, with variations in size, amenities, and seating configurations, but the Hawker 800 generally holds a reputation for a superior cabin environment.

Operating Costs

Operating costs for the Hawker 800 series are competitive within its class but can be on the higher side due to the age of some aircraft and the efficiency of their engines compared to newer models. Direct operating costs include fuel, maintenance, crew, and insurance, which can vary widely depending on usage patterns, fuel prices, and maintenance practices. Newer aircraft models from competitors might offer improved fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs due to advancements in technology and design.


The Hawker 800 series is versatile, capable of operating in and out of shorter runways than some of its competitors, which allows access to a wider range of airports. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who need to travel to airports closer to their final destinations that might not accommodate larger jets.


The Beechcraft Hawker 800 holds its own in the mid-size business jet category through a combination of spacious cabin comfort, solid performance, and operational versatility. While newer aircraft models may offer improvements in efficiency and technology, the Hawker 800 series remains a competitive option for those valuing space and comfort. Its performance and operating costs are generally in line with its class, though individual preferences and priorities will ultimately determine the best fit among the available options in the mid-size business jet market.