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Wasco Kern County Airport (L19)

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Map of Wasco Kern County Airport L19 surrounding area of Wasco California

About Wasco Kern County Airport (L19)

Wasco, California 93280

Wasco Kern County Airport in CA is a small airport with private flights serving the surrounding cities of  Wasco, McFarland, Shafter and Delano

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About Wasco Kern County Airport

Wasco Airport or Wasco-Kern County Airport is located two miles from Wasco, California. This small public airport covers an area of 158 acres with one concrete asphalt runway measuring over 3,000 feet long. It is unique for having a substantial vineyard within the property. Wasco Airport was originally built for training pilots during World War II and was leased by the US Army. After their lease ended in 1951, the Wasco Auxiliary Field became the Wasco-Kern County Airport we know today.



To get information about parking at Wasco-Kern County Airport, please visit the airport’s official website or give them a call at 661 391 1825.

Things to do

Things to do

You’ll find the following attractions within the Wasco-Kern County Airport’s vicinity: Wasco Historical Society Museum Discover the area’s local history with a visit to the Wasco Historical Society Museum. While here, visit the small zoo and botanical garden. Tule Elk State Natural Reserve About 45 minutes away by car is the Tule Elk State Natural Reserve, home to a herd of tule elk. During the 1800s, their vast numbers greatly decreased due to the loss of habitat and hunting. This reserve is one of the few areas where you can still appreciate them. Auto Club Famoso Raceway Love cars and racing? Then the Auto Club Famoso Raceway is a dream come true. This dragstrip is the site of the renowned March Meet or US Fuel and Gas Championships. Visit for upcoming events.

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