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Rancho Murieta Airport (RIU)

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About Rancho Murieta Airport (RIU)

7443 Murieta Dr, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

Rancho Murieta Airport in CA is a small airport with private flights serving the surrounding cities of  Rancho Murieta, Wilton, Clay and Gold River

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About Rancho Murieta Airport

Rancho Murieta Airport is a small, privately-owned public airport covering an area of 76 acres. Rancho Murieta lies a mile to the west of the Rancho Murieta central business district in Sacramento County. In addition to regular airport services, they also offer various storage solutions for rent such as drive-up storage, hangar spaces, and RV, car, and boat storage. From here, passengers can charter private flights to the surrounding cities of Concord, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose.



Rancho Murieta provides garage storage spaces for rent in different sizes from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet. Monthly rates range between $775 and $1,700. For more information, please visit the airport’s official website at or call them at (916) 354-9889.

Things to do

Things to do

Looking for things to do near Rancho Murieta Airport? Here are a few options: Drytown Club The Drytown Club is where good blues music comes to life. Located along State Highway 49, the club is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with music from the amazing Doghouse Blues Band every Sunday at 4:20 PM. Lake Clementia Lake Clementia, situated southeast of Rancho Murieta, is a reservoir in Sacramento country where you can swim, dive, kayak, and have a picnic. You can also see some wildlife in the area including the occasional American bald eagle. Deer Creek Hills Deer Creek Hills is a 4,000-acre preserve with over 170 bird species, 105 species of mammals, 58 types of amphibians and reptiles, and around 5,000 kinds of insects. This is a great place for bird-watching, horseback riding, and hiking.

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