Surf Air Has Acquired Blackbird

It’s the start of an exciting new era at Surf Air. We’re proud to announce that Surf Air has acquired BlackBird, the fastest-growing aviation marketplace in California that has completely disrupted how consumers book, buy, and share charter flights.

With this acquisition, we’re continuing to deliver on our mission to create a new category of short-haul air travel. By combining Surf Air’s scheduled service, membership model, and focus on a premium travel experience with BlackBird’s proprietary charter marketplace technology, it’s our goal to offer a broad range of flight options at more affordable prices. In this way, we’re going to completely transform 50-400 mile trips by offering a combination of scheduled, on-demand, and shared on-demand charter flights.

We will be integrating the brands over the course of 2020 to bring increased value to our combined member base with the goal of ultimately creating the world’s largest short-haul premium air travel network.

Welcome to the future of flying,

Sudhin Shahani

CEO & Chairman