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Hotel Lautner: A midcentury modern oasis

Architect and design pioneer John Lautner was known as one of the greatest Hollywood architects of the 1950s. With projects included in many on-screen films, Lautner’s work has become synonymous with the California sunshine.

Originally built in 1947 and known as the Desert Hot Springs Hotel, Hotel Lautner has been fully refurbished and transformed into a quaint desert oasis, named after its original visionary. Rooms hold to a modern midcentury charm, sprinkled with rustic elements of oak woods, animal furs and hides, and of course, large paned glass throughout to allow in the warm Palm Springs breeze.

The four luxury rooms are designated as “The Desert Retreat”, “The Hideaway”, “The Bachelor Pad”, and “The Redwood Lounge” allowing guests to denote just what kind of vacation aura they choose to have – fun and outgoing, or warm and romantic. Sprawled by beautiful desert landscapes Hotel Lautner is a must-visit on your next trip to Palm Springs.