A Prop(er) Goodbye

As veteran Surf Air flyers may remember, our first wave of Pilatus PC-12’s underwent a nose-to-tailwing makeover back in December of 2014. This week, we’ve finally bid ado to the last of our legacy aircraft—known by their cerulean stripe and tan interior—with a proper retirement party at our Hawthorne hangar. We now operate a fully-branded fleet in our clean color palette of navy and white, with the quilted, custom-designed interiors we’ve come to know and love.

As we say goodbye to our old planes, we say hello to a new feature for the Pilatus PC-12: a five-blade propeller, which you can see in action on the two most recent additions to our fleet, along with our future deliveries throughout the year. When it comes to reducing noise, increasing performance, and enhancing the flying experience, that one additional blade makes quite a difference. For this sleek-looking fleet, the only way is up.