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Share the experience of personalized aviation with whomever you think would benefit from saved time, less stress, and an enjoyable flying experience. When your friends join, we’ll be sure to give you both something special for helping to grow our community.


Frequently asked questions

Are there limits on how many people I can refer?

No. You are welcome to invite as many friends, family members, or colleagues as you like to fly with Surf Air.

Do I need to be a member to participate in the referral program?

No. Whether you have flown through Surf Air in the past or not, anybody is welcome to invite people to Surf Air and participate in the referral program to earn credit.

Where does Surf Air fly?

Surf Air offers two different ways to fly: Scheduled or On Demand Charter. Scheduled flights, which fly between local regional airports, include routes throughout the West Coast and Texas. Alternatively, flyers can access charter aircraft to fly private between any public airport within the United States. To see where you can fly visit