Comfort, power, and safety

Swiss engineering trusted worldwide

Surf Air operates a fleet of Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft. Designed for capacity and best-in-class performance, the PC-12 has earned a reputation for outstanding reliability and safety, making it the best selling pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft in the world.

1200 nm

Maximum range

322 mph

Cruising speed


Less fuel burned than midsize jets

Explore the aircraft

All our Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft feature custom interiors designed by Bespoken New York.

View the slideshow to take a peek inside the plane.

Not only a powerful and efficient plane

When on board, one quickly realizes the Swiss-built PC-12 was engineered for safe passage even in the roughest of Alpine weather. It’s easy to settle into the reclining seats and comfortable privacy. USB plugs and worktables complete an ideal place to get some real work done.

Alan Eyzaguirre, Marketing Executive, Writer, and Member since 2015

Experience, passion, and commitment

Our Pilots

Surf Air pilots have flown thousands of passengers on commercial, military, charter, and private aircraft. We've selected each of our pilots based on their accomplished backgrounds, unwavering commitment to safety, and passion for genuine personal service. All our Captains hold an airline transport pilot certificate, and we always fly with two fully trained, experienced pilots in the cockpit.

Safety, above and beyond

Our Procedures

Surf Air is a scheduled airline that can also allow for charter flights. While the FAA only requires a single pilot to operate our aircraft type, Surf Air requires both a Captain and First Officer on all flights. You can always be sure that your seasoned Captain is ATP-rated and your experienced First Officer has an FAA commercial license. We maintain all of our planes to the most rigorous standards, conducting regular mechanical inspections on each one of our aircraft as well as comprehensive pre-flight checks before every trip.