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personalized aviation


We go above and beyond to care for your mental and physical well-being

  • Less contact with airport crowds
  • Small executive aircrafts with average of 8 passengers
  • No stress or chaos
  • Intensive sanitization procedures
  • Hospitality-trained team support


The power of personal choice finally made its way to air travel

  • Arrive just 15 minutes before departure
  • In and out of the airport in minutes, not hours
  • Frequent flight schedule
  • On-demand aircrafts when you need
  • Accessible local airports
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Zero Hassles

Comfort, convenience, and customization–personalized around your life

  • No airport traffic
  • No TSA security delays
  • No drawn out boarding procedures
  • No crackly loudspeakers or unhelpful gate agents
  • No baggage claim

It starts with
your time

That thing we never seem to have enough of. Time flies. Luckily, we fly faster.

Be there more

If it’s home for dinner or getting face time with clients, go where you’re needed most, not in a line at the airport.

Stay energized & healthy

With less stress and more time, your travel leaves you healthier, refreshed, and ready for the things that matter most.

Enjoy the journey

A comfortable, relaxing travel day and meaningful connections with like-minded members leaves you wondering how you used to travel before.


I’ll never go back to commercial.

Instead of relocating for a new job in LA, Michael flies down whenever he needs to. In the winters, he skips the traffic to Tahoe for skiing with his family.

Michael A,
Member since 2015

Surf Air vs Commercial


Hours saved on every flight


Fewer people at the airport


Less time spent at the airport


Lines, crowds, and chaos