In-Flight Experience

  • What if my flight gets cancelled due to weather?

    Despite our most valiant efforts, we cannot control the weather. Weather may cause disruptions, preventing our aircraft from taking off or landing. We’ll do our best to make up the time, but cannot guarantee that flights will occur as planned.

  • Will I have WiFi on the aircraft?

    Not currently, but our airports have complimentary WiFi service.

  • How many bags may I bring?

    Members may bring multiple pieces of baggage so long as the total weight does not exceed 15 kilograms and the total outside measurements do not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

  • Is there a toilet on the aircraft?

    Our Embraer Phenom 300 aircraft include a spacious and fully-enclosed lavatory, equipped with a sink and two large windows. There is a small private restroom on each of our Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. Candidly, on an aircraft of this size we recommend keeping it vacant and for emergency use only. On flights operated by the smaller Citation aircraft (e.g. Mustang) there may not be a toilet. Be sure to check before you leave the terminal building!

  • Who flies the aircraft?

    Every single one of Surf Air’s executive aircraft is in top condition when it joins our fleet. They’re maintained by the manufacturer and operated by Flair Jet, the very first operator to fly the Phenom 300 in Europe. Surf Air appoints only the most experienced pilots to captain flights. Each pilot is chosen based on their experience, unwavering commitment to safety, and passion for genuine personal service. All our pilots hold an airline transport pilot certificate, and we always fly with two fully trained, experienced pilots in the cockpit.

  • What kind of aircraft do you fly?

    Our fleet is made up of spacious Embraer Phenom 300 business jets and Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12s, both beautiful, eight-seat executive aircraft with custom-designed interiors—so you’ll always have a spacious and comfortable leather seat. Some flights may also be operated by Citation family executive aircraft and we will let you know the exact type before you fly.

Will I have WiFi on the aircraft?

Not currently, but our airports have complimentary WiFi service.